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The Carrero Effect  By L.T.Marshall | Libri
Bittersweet Love with a Ruthless CEO By Rising Cloud | Libri
The Carrero Heart  By L.T.Marshall | Libri

The Carrero Effect

L.T.Marshall5.3M popularity

After an amazing promotion, she found that her new boss is exactly the type of person who could drive her crazy ... Emma Anderson has a perfect job in a Manhattan empire, allowing her to live a quiet, organized, and safe existence. A necessity after a childhood filled with abuse, bad memories, and a mother who was less than useless. She’s worked hard to get where she is - and she has just landed an amazing promotion. And now Emma’s new role is as the right-hand man for billionaire playboy Jake Carrero. And he’s exactly the type of person who could drive her crazy ...

Billionaire's Reborn Baby By Quyue | Libri

Billionaire's Reborn Baby


3.6M popularity

The Pack's Girl By K.K.S. | Libri

The Pack's Girl


7.3M popularity

The Railwalkers By fancynovel | Libri

The Railwalkers


175.5K popularity

Amaranthine By EGlobal | Libri



1M popularity

Mated to the Golden Dragon By Mckayla Chinyama Queen | Libri

Mated to the Golden Dragon

Mckayla Chinyama Queen

1.1M popularity

I Once Loved You More Than Life By Fantasy world | Libri

I Once Loved You More Than Life

Fantasy world

39.1K popularity

Wild Adventures By AsiaDavid | Libri

Wild Adventures

AsiaDavid1.9M popularity

Sex is delicious. No one in their perverted mind will claim otherwise. So when a chance for a too good to be a true moment of one's life knocks at its door or when what happened a while ago was something you would have never thought would some people grab these chances some regret it for a lifetime not indulging. A one-night stand or a quickie with a consenting individual is an easy fix.

The Carrero Contract By L.T.Marshall | Libri

The Carrero Contract

L.T.Marshall9.5M popularity

CAMILLA WALTERS thought she had come to the end of the road when fate caught up with her. Nowhere left to run or hide, on the verge of becoming fish food at the hands of drug runners she owed a lot of money to. That was until fate brought her ALEXI, head of the family CARRERO - The unexpected hero who saved her ass and changed her life in one easy maneuver. Who knew she would have to sign her soul over to the devil in a bid to stay alive and in doing so, lose her heart and mind in the process. This is not your typical hearts and roses story - Let the games begin and the war commence.

The Bully's Obsession By Angelashyna001 | Libri

The Bully's Obsession

Angelashyna0012.5M popularity

Being an average nerd who struggles through her high school life, Graciela Evans will never believe that one day she would become the main target of her school’s infamous bad boy. But fate likes playing tricks. How could she imagine that Hayden Mcandrew, the hater who once took pleasure from bullying her will come back to this town one day and transfer to her school after mysteriously moving out two years ago? Haunted by that past nightmare, Graciela wants nothing but to run away. However, it was until that Hayden Mcandrew stands in front of her that she finally realized, there’s no way for her to escape. This time, that demon will make her repay for what she had owned him. Not even a cent less. To know more about this intriguing dark romance, please read:

The Awakening of the Crowned Wolf By MysticMajesty | Libri

The Awakening of the Crowned Wolf

MysticMajesty6.3M popularity

The prophecy of a Vampire King who sought total dominance over the mystical creatures of the world has been whispered among the werekind for generations. But when Alexi, a seemingly ordinary human girl, discovers she is gifted with the power of the White Wolf, she must confront a destiny she never expected. With her newfound abilities, Alexi must battle against a team of werewolves led by her mate in order to prove her worth and save her species. But as Alexi grows in power, she must confront the darkness within her own heart that threatens to consume her.

The Frigid Bride By ChhaviGupta | Libri

The Frigid Bride

ChhaviGupta918.5K popularity

No one knows that Robert Taylor has been in love with his brother's wife since he saw her for the first time at his brother's death. His brother had an accident and died shortly after their marriage. Though he can manage this multinational company as a CEO, he just can’t manage his feelings for Avni Sharma, who is quite frigid and keeps her heart shut down after that disaster. He comes to her, offering a job as the babysitter of his nephew and niece, and gradually melts her heart. Just wish that time could stop at the moment when they finally confess love to each other. But, what a shock to see his brother, her ex-husband coming back, from death!!!??? Well, an “ex-husband” who just rises from death will definitely be unhappy to see his “ex-wife” smiling so sweetly to his brother. And, revenge just starts...

Twisted Addiction to My EX By HaiYue | Libri

Twisted Addiction to My EX

HaiYue504K popularity

He was cold to me for a year after the wedding, plus there were countless rumors about his affair with multiple actresses, so I finally realized that I could never get his true love. Well I agreed to divorce. But how come he suddenly wanted to have a car intimacy with me and deliberately let the paparazzi take pictures?

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Love Burns By Fantasy world | Libri

Love Burns

Fantasy world

46.5K popularity

I Just Want To Be With You In This Life By Fantasy world | Libri

I Just Want To Be With You In This Life

Fantasy world

49.2K popularity

I Shed More Tears Than Seawater By Fantasy world | Libri

I Shed More Tears Than Seawater

Fantasy world

39.8K popularity

I Miss You So Much By Fantasy world | Libri

I Miss You So Much

Fantasy world

51K popularity

Old Love, Deep Love By Fantasy world | Libri

Old Love, Deep Love

Fantasy world

62.9K popularity

Secrets Buried By Time By Fantasy world | Libri

Secrets Buried By Time

Fantasy world

47.3K popularity

Top Romance
My Love For You Is Fading Away By Fantasy world | Libri

My Love For You Is Fading Away

Fantasy world44.9K popularity

In order to divorce his wife, he went to any lengths.

First Intimate Contact By Fantasy world | Libri

First Intimate Contact

Fantasy world43.5K popularity

The story of a boy being seduced by his sister-in-law……

Queen of Broken Fingers By Fantasy world | Libri

Queen of Broken Fingers

Fantasy world42.8K popularity

She was the emperor's favorite empress. She had fought for the emperor, but people said she had killed too many enemies and was cursed by the gods to bear children! Wait until the empire did not have the enemy again, the emperor betrayed the original love promise however, cruel send a person to assassinate her, she survived lost a finger, also knew the emperor's callous heartless however! She rose up again, killed the emperor, won the throne, she also became the world's unrivalled broken finger queen!

You Know You Love Me By Fantasy world | Libri

You Know You Love Me

Fantasy world48K popularity

She is a noble princess, just because love the wrong person, marry the wrong person, become rootless duckweed, who can deceive. She was not reconciled and had been thinking of revenge. Until the truth came out, she laughed and jumped off the cliff, she did not know the original their favorite person is her!

I'll Never Let You Down, Ever By Fantasy world | Libri

I'll Never Let You Down, Ever

Fantasy world45.5K popularity

I married him when I was 21, but he hated me so much that he had an affair with my best friend. Three years after our marriage, he divorced me before I could get over my miscarriage, experimented on my body, made drugs for the women he loved, and brutally removed my uterus. Five years later, when I experienced all the vicissitudes of life, no longer rely on any man's time, he said to me: "I'm sorry, I love is you!"

This Marriage Is Not Up To You By Fantasy world | Libri

This Marriage Is Not Up To You

Fantasy world34.4K popularity

The night before the wedding, I crawled into another man's bed...

Top Billionaire
Bittersweet Love with a Ruthless CEO By Rising Cloud | Libri

Bittersweet Love with a Ruthless CEO

Rising Cloud

1.1M popularity

Twisted Addiction to My EX By HaiYue | Libri

Twisted Addiction to My EX


504K popularity

The Days Of Loving You By Fantasy world | Libri

The Days Of Loving You

Fantasy world

44.7K popularity

Happily Ever After By Fantasy world | Libri

Happily Ever After

Fantasy world

40.3K popularity

You Failed Me By Fantasy world | Libri

You Failed Me

Fantasy world

38.7K popularity

Love And Hatred By Fantasy world | Libri

Love And Hatred

Fantasy world

63.7K popularity

Love And Time By Fantasy world | Libri

Love And Time

Fantasy world

57.7K popularity

Love At First Sight By Fantasy world | Libri

Love At First Sight

Fantasy world

38.5K popularity

Queen of Broken Fingers By Fantasy world | Libri

Queen of Broken Fingers

Fantasy world

42.8K popularity

You Know You Love Me By Fantasy world | Libri

You Know You Love Me

Fantasy world

48K popularity

Top Werewolf
Queen of Rogues By Sorren | Libri

Queen of Rogues

Sorren41.3K popularity

Kiera devoted her life to training for a battle that was destined to come. When her father finds a way to save their pack, it's not at all in the way she imagined. Her body turned bargaining chip, she finds herself fated to spend her life in blind service to another. When all seems lost a mysterious wolf shatters her resolve and it's all eyes on her as aggressions and attractions boil over. A battle turned to a war is looming, and secrets come to pass. Kiera needs to unite the un-united if she wants to save her family, and her home.

A Dangerous Fate By Unicorn Bunny | Libri

A Dangerous Fate

Unicorn Bunny58.7K popularity

Cynthia Rendall thought she was just your average werewolf teen until the Moon Goddess gifts her knowledge of her fate, one of torment, rejection and death will she have the courage and strength to fight against her dangerous fate and the darkness that is coming for them all while trying to sort out her mate bond? NEW CHAPTER WEEKLY! This story is a work of fiction. Names, places, events and characters are a product of my imagination or used fictitiously. Any similarities or resemblance to actual places or events past or present are coincidental as are any similarities or resemblance to any people living or dead.

Melancholy: The Inception By whiteKnight14 | Libri

Melancholy: The Inception

whiteKnight1496.5K popularity

Synopsis: Denial… Bittersweet feeling she knew… Rejected mate he will be… What if tables would turn? For the war they must win, will she learn to accept their mate bond? Can love change her principle? A story that will highlight how trust can be wasted and hardly gain again. How temptation can wreck your wall. In a war of truth and deceptions, unexpected twists and turns, would you step in? Denise Soleil Shadowstone, with her ambition of becoming the first female alpha, she would take the risk. Independent woman that swears to never ever be needing a man in her life.

Amaranthine By EGlobal | Libri


EGlobal1M popularity

Pulled into a world of darkness, Katelina's fate becomes intertwined with that of Jorick, a dark, enigmatic vampire. To stay by his side, she must navigate intrigue, terror and bloodshed as they are drawn from one battle to another. Dreams of peace seem elusive, and are complicated by mysterious vampires, old relics, and an ancient master. Join Katelina and Jorick in a world where vampires don't sparkle and night is eternal.

Love Matrix By Säïñtëë Wrïtës | Libri

Love Matrix

Säïñtëë Wrïtës96.9K popularity

Love is for all, so a vampire believed, living among humans with a new heart. Despite humiliations and rejections he accepted his real nature and made exploit, encompassing his quest to learn love. Howbeit, he found a human love through hurtful times and learnt love and how it could heal him.

Death Contract By Im_Vena | Libri

Death Contract

Im_Vena86.2K popularity

After the death of Mary's dad, her life becomes a mess. Mary couldn't accept that she doesn't see the death reaper will come to fetch her father nor realize it sooner. That is when Mary thought being able to see Grim Reaper and how the people around her die was useless. To ended it all, she decided to commit suicide only to find out that she will be wake up in others' bodies. But when the Grim Reaper named Saint came to her. Not to fetch her soul but to offer her a contract to be a living Grim Reaper, everything change. However, what would she do if along the way she fell in love with the grim reaper? Would she choose to stay alive or to die peacefully?

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Miss You For The Rest Of My Life

Fantasy world

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Addicted To Love

Fantasy world

48.3K popularity

Painting the Badboy By huniya | Libri

Painting the Badboy


108.1K popularity

Her Insecurity Cure By Charlie Sharon | Libri

Her Insecurity Cure

Charlie Sharon

139.4K popularity

Denied and Unnoticed By Charlie Sharon | Libri

Denied and Unnoticed

Charlie Sharon

91.5K popularity

Furtive Admirer By Charlie Sharon | Libri

Furtive Admirer

Charlie Sharon

95.3K popularity