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The Frigid Bride

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No one knows that Robert Taylor has been in love with his brother's wife since he saw her for the first time at his brother's death. His brother had an accident and died shortly after their marriage. Though he can manage this multinational company as a CEO, he just can’t manage his feelings for Avni Sharma, who is quite frigid and keeps her heart shut down after that disaster. He comes to her, offering a job as the babysitter of his nephew and niece, and gradually melts her heart. Just wish that time could stop at the moment when they finally confess love to each other. But, what a shock to see his brother, her ex-husband coming back, from death!!!??? Well, an “ex-husband” who just rises from death will definitely be unhappy to see his “ex-wife” smiling so sweetly to his brother. And, revenge just starts...

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