The Alpha CEO's Unloved Wife By Everleigh Miles | Libri

The Alpha CEO's Unloved Wife

Everleigh Miles

The Alpha King's Princess By Above Story Studio | Libri

The Alpha King's Princess

Above Story Studio

My Adopted Dogs Are Alpha Males By Lizbeth Rose | Libri

My Adopted Dogs Are Alpha Males

Lizbeth Rose

Awakening of The Alpha King's Luna By TrapSelenaOfBooks | Libri

Awakening of The Alpha King's Luna


Porter's Reward By K.K.S. | Libri

Porter's Reward


Kane Porter was as boring as his name implied. Of all the financial coordinators under me, he was the one least likely to be interesting on an intoxicated evening. Kane was quiet, well-mannered and nobody was friends with him. I was his boss and I got along well with everyone until I came across a problem. The account I'd been skimming from had a good hunk of change missing now. Not good. How could I have it investigated without flagging myself for the ten thousand dollars I'd 'borrowed'? There was only one thing I could do. Porter was a nice guy. He'd help me out. No one could be safer to ask...

Marked by Hybrid By obscurascriptoris | Libri

Marked by Hybrid


It's not enough to just know that I'm a werewolf. I knew that I still had things to learn about my kind. Mom and Dad just died, never hearing their explanation. Thanks for the map and the message I found in my mother's diary. The map shows where Lycan City can be found. There is a university called Ella Vera, the school for shifters. It is also written in the diary, that there I will meet my real parents. That gave me the courage to join the university itself. In my first day of that world, I noticed that it was no different from humans. The actions of the students are just odd, almost all of them are acting brave. My goal was to find myself, but the flow of the situation becomes different. Instead of looking for my real parents, I ended up looking for the anonymous guy wearing a black cloak, who entered my room and bit my neck. He left a mark on my skin like a wolf tattoo. I thought my life was on danger because of that bite but the land lady of Z'ev hall said it is not a threat. That anonymous guy just put a mark on me to claim me as his mate. Since I had no idea what mate was, the land lady explained everything to me. If it was my fated mate who put a mark on me, the mate bond I would feel for him would be stronger. I also didn't know what mate bond was and I got what it meant through research. Mate bond and love almost the same point, and I feel it every time I see my classmate just quietly in the corner. His name is Gideon, known as hybrid. Could he be the one who marked me?

Rejected Protector By LottaPatterson | Libri

Rejected Protector


This is not your typical rejection story. Seleste and Trevor were friends since birth. Trevor is the future alpha and Seleste is the future gamma and also the goddess' chosen Protector of all supernaturals. Things take a turn for the worst when Trevor challenges Seleste to a training sparing match and lose. Trevor vows to reject Seleste if she is his mate...

Ravished by the Beasts By Kelly Lord | Libri

Ravished by the Beasts

Kelly Lord

“Bad girl would get fucked in the ass by the FOUR of us, when she breaks the rule.” Isobelle Harding, being sucked into the world of shifters, has bagged herself a harem of smoking hot werewolves. What should have been an amazing time of her life soon leads to her own erotic awakening with four beasts.

Mafia Vengeance By Kathleen Hayat | Libri

Mafia Vengeance

Kathleen Hayat

"Shut the fuck up!" He snickered and next thing he flipped her around on her stomach. He grabbed both of her wrists behind her arched back. He was holding her in a way that her ass was up for him. He pushed her dress up, baring her rear to his sinful eyes. His thumb caressed her wet vertical lips. "Time for your punishment." He husked and next thing her whole body jolted badly when his warm tongue caressed her from down there. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers when she realized what he was up to. "Don't!" She warned him and wriggled to get out of his hold which was impossible. "Definitely not!" He breathed on her core and next thing his face dipped between her thighs as he started eating her like a man deprived of food for ages. ** #18+

The Possessive Alpha By Emma Taylor | Libri

The Possessive Alpha

Emma Taylor

Elle Davidson, orphaned at 12 with limited memory after a horrible rogue attack, is taken in by the Alpha and Luna of the New Moon pack. Elle never expects that she will meet their son Damon Ledger, the future Alpha and her nemesis, let alone fall for him. "What would an Alpha want with an omega?" "Listen here, you little orphan. This is my pack; you will do as I say. I will only be addressed as Alpha Damon by you; We are NOT friends." Damon does everything he can to control Elle's life, and his friends do everything they can to make her life hell. But all of that changes after Damon comes home from Alpha training.