The Beast's Virgin Claim By Luna Liz | Libri

The Beast's Virgin Claim

Luna Liz

Little Ruby Red By Kelly Lord | Libri

Little Ruby Red

Kelly Lord

His Perfect Wife Strikes Back By FancyZ | Libri

His Perfect Wife Strikes Back


The Alpha Prince's Unexpected Mate By Havilworth | Libri

The Alpha Prince's Unexpected Mate


Trapped by Him By T.H.Jessica | Libri

Trapped by Him


Alpha King Patrick's lover Gabrielle was murdered by rogues. Gloria, his mate, was his prime suspect. Gloria was desperate to explain herself, but Patrick was traumatized and locked her up. After Gloria was released, her wolf turned timid. Patrick was surprised that Gloria's affection for him was waning, though he did not reject her. At the same time, the truth was about to be revealed...

Spirit Wolf By Karima Sa'ad Usman | Libri

Spirit Wolf

Karima Sa'ad Usman

He was the next Alpha and she was a refugee who sought refuge in the wrong pack. Samantha was fated to Alex (the future Alpha of his pack) She was mistaken to be the daughter of a rogue when she went to seek refuge in the Yellow moon pack. They accepted her but she had to work as a servant in the pack to earn her keep. Alex later discovered she was his fated mate and did not reject her at first, in fact, he accepted the moon goddess's match. They had mated but he never claimed her to complete the bond. On her 21st birthday, he proposed and all was going well until tragedy befell the pack and he was forced to mate and mark Hilda (the daughter of his father's beta) for protection and the survival of the pack. Eventually, Alex finds out he has made a big mistake and tries to find a way out of the fate he has created for himself. Unfortunately, werewolves mate for life. He tries to win back Samantha's trust and end his marriage and relationship with Hilda. This will be a difficult task because there are rules but Alex intends to break every single one of them to get his fated love back. *Warning* If you are too emotional and can't handle emotional roller coasters, angry and sad moments, being foolish for love, then this book is not for you. Skip it and spare me angry and mean reviews simply because certain things didn't go how you wanted or hoped. WRITING IS AN ART it is created to stir up emotions and entertain. Creation is hard and I put a lot of time and effort into writing this story. I hope my effort is appreciated and respected. Thank you*

The Forbidden Alpha By Jp Sina | Libri

The Forbidden Alpha

Jp Sina

Lifting my chin, I square my shoulders and steel my resolve to head in. That’s when I see it, with the moon shining so bright how did I miss it? Out from the shadows, a figure steps into the light. My body starts shaking and I take a step back. I can’t find my voice. “Would you care to explain, why I come out here and see you dry humping Alpha Ethan out here in the dark?” He asks me with a calmness that leaves me frozen in place. I open my mouth but nothing comes out. “Run to our mate, Adea!” Korra yells at me. I can hear her but I can’t move. His eyes are a mix of black and gold and the look he’s giving me looks murderous. He’s by my side in a second and I can feel my eyes widen in shock. He grabs my neck and slams me against the wall. I let out a gargled cry as I try to breathe. “Shane,” I say in a raspy voice, raising my hands I claw at his hand that’s wrapped around my neck. Shane’s standing with his hand on my neck, his gaze leaves a trail of unease as he looks down my body. When his eyes are making their way back up they stop on my breast and he lets out a growl. “Do you not remember what I said yesterday?” He says as he pulls my dress down and my spaghetti straps rip and my breasts fall out in front of him bare. I feel myself going numb and I turn my feelings off. His warm tongue touches my chest and he takes my left nipple into his mouth. He sucks, hard and bites down on my hardened nipple. I cry out, and he lets my tit go. “You’re mine,” he says and thoughts of Ethan flood my mind as Korra thinks about him. “There’s no point Korra,” I say as I block her from my thoughts pushing her to the furthest part of my mind. This will hurt her more than it’ll hurt me. He leans over and takes my right tit into his mouth. Licking, sucking, and biting as it hardens. He stands up and stares down at my body. Letting go of my neck, he cocks his hand back and my face explodes in pain when his hand connects with my cheek. He raises his hand and slaps me across the face a second time and this time my head snaps back and hits the wall. “Look what you’ve made me do,” he bites. " You’ve angered your Alpha,” he growls at me and I lean against the wall for support. “Submit,” he orders and I feel my body collapse to the floor, his power washing over me, and I bow my head, offering my neck to him. I feel Shane’s hand wrap around my arm and pull me up. “Good girl,” he kisses my neck, sucking on me. His other hand grabs my tit and massages my nipple between his fingers. His hand trails down to my dress and he yanks it up above my waist scrunching my dress around my waist. My tits and pussy are now bare to him and I try to focus on the moon. The same moon that showed me the beauty of the garden now shines its light on my body for Shane to feast on. “You are mine, this is mine. No one is going to take you from me. Your place is at my side or under me.”

Shadows turnt to light By karenann gray | Libri

Shadows turnt to light

karenann gray

Living in the shadows of my pack I hide away the pain and suffering caused by my own brother and the alpha heir. My parents died and that was the day my life changed, leaving me alone and suffering the cruelty of the two people who should be protecting me. My name is Izzy and this is my story, truth, lies and betrayals all come to light but it may just be a little too late for me, as I was now giving up on the belief that I would find my happily ever after...

Rejected My Alpha Mate By Above Story Studio | Libri

Rejected My Alpha Mate

Above Story Studio

"Who are you?" I came awake with a jerk, disoriented and aching all over. A heavy male body lay beside me---we were both naked except for the sheet covering our bodies. *** 3 years ago, I faked a pregnancy to steal half a million dollars from my mate. I felt as if I didn’t have any other choice as I had to pay my brother’s ransom or let him die. Now, I would rather die than spend another day being treated with icy, bitter resentment. My name is Rachel Flores and I rejected my alpha mate because I’m ready to live, not just survive!