The Contract of the Story By Glamoureina | Libri

The Contract of the Story


His Forbidden Goddaughter By NiMarie | Libri

His Forbidden Goddaughter


My Love From Future By shivakshi  | Libri

My Love From Future


A Billion Dollar Contract By shivakshi  | Libri

A Billion Dollar Contract


Love you Mr officer By shivakshi  | Libri

Love you Mr officer


It's a loveable college Love story of a college girl ( Manvi) and a police officer Raghav. Manvi was kind and sweet . She is a bubbly girl, who is still studying at college, completing her master's in medical science whereas Raghav who was a police officer was rude and aggressive by nature. Let's see how these people of different personalities adjust when they are placed together. Will their simple meeting in college take the form of love or hate?How do people with totally opposite nature fall in love with each other?. Raghav comes to Maanvi's college for a security inspection and Manvi is appointed as his assistant. Will both of them ever be able to fall for each other? How will their love affair begin? ..Keep reading to know "love you, Mr. Officer".

ARCHEIN-The Last Hybrid By Zi A. | Libri

ARCHEIN-The Last Hybrid

Zi A.

"The Universe that I was supposed to destroy wrecked me." Aella was the sole hybrid living in the modern world. She was the most unique of all beings and was called the Archein. In her veins lay the blood of the rival realms of Vandesh. Hence, she was believed to be the destructor of the universe when the time comes. "Forci, it's hot in Hardivez!" she complained, secretly rolling her eyes to her mother. She was exiled again to Hadivez where she discovered the portalia that emitted strange but fascinating noise. The very noise that piqued her curiosity. The enchanting thing was the passageway to Mhortaeo—the Kingdom of Mortals. Right then and there, the adventure of the lone Archein in the kingdom of Mhortaeo began. Will this decision of hers really benefit her and the rest of the galaxy? What were the consequences that she would face in the foreign realm that she had just discovered? Will the prophecy of the galaxy being destroyed be changed if she remains in the Mortal world for the rest of her life? Keep up with the Archein's escapade to Mhortaeo.

Of Wolves and Witches By NeaSelini | Libri

Of Wolves and Witches


All Luna has ever been fed with, were lies. When her parents moved to a new town all of a sudden, Luna Woods didn’t know that her life until now was just a facade. What she believed to only exist in books will soon become her own reality. As Luna delves deep into the new world she is thrown into, would she be able to accept everything- new people, new family, new identity and a new name? Would she be able to win over her mate, who for some reason seems to hate her? Secrets begin to unfold but she doesn't realize that her enemy might be closer to her than she thinks.

Virgin Sacrifice to the Last Lycan By Above Story Studio | Libri

Virgin Sacrifice to the Last Lycan

Above Story Studio

"12 hours before this full moon ends. You'll make the last Lycan take your virginity" "12 hours? What happens if I can't?" "You'll die." The last Lycan went crazily every full moon. He could only be tamed by having sex with a virgin werewolf. I was the chosen virgin. Surprisingly, sleeping with the Devil made me stronger. -- The Lycan was a wall of masculine muscle behind me. His body heat scorched me even through my wedding dress; his breath seared the shell of my ear as he leaned closer and whispered, "Mate..." If the last Lycan was the Devil, I thought I might want to go to hell. --- When I rescued the last Lycan from his cage, I never thought that one day, I would be put into a cage by him.

Falling in love with a billionaire playboy By Homayra Ray | Libri

Falling in love with a billionaire playboy

Homayra Ray

Annie McCallum has a week to learn how to be wild or lose the hot young music artist and the last chance to save her father's agency. The problem is, Annie has always been a nerd who thinks high heels are a weapon invented to make even bigger fools of stumbling idiots like herself. Zack DiMarco, a billionaire with a mysterious past and melt in your mouth chocolate eyes. Soon, Zack is teaching Annie about fashion and flirt like an LA starlet. Much to his horror, Zack is strongly attracted to the real Annie, a girl who could get him to give up his bachelor ways and steal his heart.

His perfect obsession By Blackgirl Riri | Libri

His perfect obsession

Blackgirl Riri

Kate Fallon fell in the hands of the ruthless Mafia billionaire Lord He wibe obsessed with Kate, but Kate hated him The two will fall in love and live happily ever after Oliver Cowell an affluent dreaded Mafia lord, forcefully abduct Kate Fallon in exchange for the money her uncle borrowed from him but couldn't pay back. Little did he know that he is slowly falling in love with Kate Fallon, his debtor niece. What will be Kate's fate from now on, and how will she cope with a monster like Oliver. Stay tuned.