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Mated to the Golden Dragon

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Mckayla Chinyama Queen
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After her parents divorce, Kaya Reneé Joston moves to the small town of Torent. Spending her final year at Rodney high, all she wants to do is cruise through the year unknown, whilst keeping a large distance away from her father and his new step family. But her plans fall out the moment she sets eyes on Mr. Popular-Azian, or rather Azian sets eyes on her. A Golden dragon prince god hiding in the human world, whose god like dragon (Alpha) will not shift ...but suddenly speaks for the first time when he lays his golden eyes on her. Azian knows there is something about this human, who causes his dragon to speak for the first time whenever she's around. She may be the key to his first shift, a shift needed in order to take his place on the throne. But she's not his mate, Her sister is.

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