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Denied and Unnoticed

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I looked at her and I felt nothing, I didn't feel any nervousness and if anything I felt absolute annoyance I guess I was nervous then because I feared she'd reject me or something, whatever I felt for her then was purely attraction and nothing else She passed us and sat on her usual seat "Who's that? I don't like her aura" "Aimee" Resa's eyes widened "Really? Wow now I get why I don't like her, I have to admit you have a bad taste in choosing women brother" *** What is life without love Terrence yearns to find a special someone to love, he yearns to have a relationship like that of his parents His eyes are solely fixated on a girl who will fulfill his dreams, but things completely turn south at his search for love He is left heartbroken and in denial Venture on his love journey as he finally meets the right one

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