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The Awakening of the Crowned Wolf

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Apparently, the prophecy has been around for a long time before even Alexi's parents were born. It was inevitable that there would be a Vampire who sought total dominance over the mystical beings. His hatred of all species except his own was fueled by his belief that vampires were superior to most mystical creatures. There is a prophecy that mentions a child that will be born in a certain year. Both she and her mate will be gifted with great powers by the Moon Goddess once they are mated. When the Vampire King is overthrown, only then will werekind have a chance to triumph over the vampires. Alexi was so freaked out when she saw herself turning into a White Wolf with a name, Kiki. However, it was weirder to talk to her like a friend... Alexi starts out as a spoiled child and turns out to be a great Luna. Alexi is a star athlete and will play against a werewolf team of both male and females. The captain is her mate. This is new to Alexi because she thought she was the only one of her kind and a freak, what will happen when she bumps heads with this packs team.

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