Invisible Bond By Meliodas | Libri

Invisible Bond


Zaki and Airy are two people who didn't know each other before. But they were terrorized by the same thing. One day they were met by fate. A destiny that requires them to solve the mystery of the thing that terrorized them both. How do they find a way out? Follow Zaki and Airy's journey to solve the mystery, here!

The Heir By cutida | Libri

The Heir


As a hitman Evan Sanders is hired by an unknown person to kill the next target named Wilona Spencers, a teacher in Indonesia. However, when Evan meets Wilona, ​​his curiosity about who Wilona is. Actually leads him to uncover the truth about the death and disappearance of the heir to the Spencers Company and family disputes. Who is the real heir to the Spencer's company? Who hired Evan to kill Wilona? Spiced with a love story that Evan and Wilona unwittingly.

The Cloaked Town of Vanwergia By nnicholaii | Libri

The Cloaked Town of Vanwergia


Kali Zionne Harris had no idea that her insatiable desire to prove her innocence after being accused of her own friend's death would lead her to the year 1824, when the chaos between the heinous creatures known as "Syllvexus," the cruel government of Vanwergia, and the union known as "Creepers," who keep the innocents safe, was becoming ruthless. Could Kali, despite her callous nature, develop empathy for the innocents and put her own safety aside? Can a once-overlooked lady be heard now amidst the mayhem?




What would you do if you saw a woman who really looks like you in your dream murder someone? What would you do if you know that it is not you but when you woke up the dead body is already under your bed but there is no evidence or even a single sign of murder? What would you do if you heard voices and saw scenes that made you insane? And what would you do if you’re the only one who came back from the dead after the bus accident? Find out the life of Irish Stephen who came back from the dead after the bus that she was riding together with her friends, colleagues and boyfriend fell off a cliff that made it totally wreck. People call her “Lazarus” and “Lucky” for returning back from the dead but for her, it is a curse because after an accident she knows that there is something wrong with her. She starts seeing things, seeing people that she doesn't know, and hearing voices that she thought is just an effect of the accident. Only her friend Devon understands her and helps her by consulting his friend named, Luna, who knows about spiritual awakenings who told Irish to empty her heart from hatred because of what happened to her in the past of losing someone she loved and her life. When she starts discovering what is happening to her; it is more than what she expected because it is all connected to her dreams and to her visions. The voices that she hears and the things that she sees are all connected to her. Find out how it happened and how Irish became a living dead.

The Presidential Bloodshed By Daala | Libri

The Presidential Bloodshed


Mary falls ill in a squalid rural classroom. Impoverished parents struggle to wheel her on a bicycle to the nearest health centre before she is referred to a hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital does not have drugs, so the patient is only given very few painkillers by listless uncompassionate staff. Then they wheel the patient back home, as they do not have money to travel to far away private medical facilities. Moments after their arrival at home, the girl, like thousands of other untreated patients countrywide, dies. Following the demise of Mary, relatives from various occupations emerge at the house of mourning in the next twenty- four to forty-eight hours. In the course, the mourners spend a few vigils ahead of the burial of the girl. As the mourners spend their vigils, the various professionals analyze the death and related topics. This leads to analysis of a wide range of economic and social circumstances of the status quo of their society. By the time of the burial, vital knowledge has been shared about why Mary died and what could have been done to prevent her premature death.

Markus By Mark Relic | Libri


Mark Relic

Julian Markus had a prestigious job in New York corporation and wife he loved immensely. One winter night, without seeing it coming, he will face evil of the world which will tear apart his consciousness and make him an exile from his life.The road he takes from there becomes his personal journey while fighting with his own demons. Following Markus will lead us through coloring streets, suspicious night bars as well as a whole catalog of characters who illustrate the modern world of violence and danger. A novel in which permeates a "Fight club" atmosphere leads a reader on questioning personal attitude of subject of (in)humanity, possibilities of mental and physical answer to category of evil. Extreme circumstances will cause transformation within the main character, from a model citizen to a man who, in Fincher's sense goes with deadly sin of anger...