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The Presidential Bloodshed

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Mary falls ill in a squalid rural classroom. Impoverished parents struggle to wheel her on a bicycle to the nearest health centre before she is referred to a hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital does not have drugs, so the patient is only given very few painkillers by listless uncompassionate staff. Then they wheel the patient back home, as they do not have money to travel to far away private medical facilities. Moments after their arrival at home, the girl, like thousands of other untreated patients countrywide, dies. Following the demise of Mary, relatives from various occupations emerge at the house of mourning in the next twenty- four to forty-eight hours. In the course, the mourners spend a few vigils ahead of the burial of the girl. As the mourners spend their vigils, the various professionals analyze the death and related topics. This leads to analysis of a wide range of economic and social circumstances of the status quo of their society. By the time of the burial, vital knowledge has been shared about why Mary died and what could have been done to prevent her premature death.

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