Taming The Bad Boy By WhoooahKay | Libri

Taming The Bad Boy


Oh no. I just had s*x with my brother’s best friend. But, that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that he was a fu*k boy. Fu*ck boy is never my type. ----- "Three months." I shook my head. "What?" He gave me a look. "I'm going to give you three months, to show me you actually want this. Three months to show me that you can be the guy. And if you can go those three months without sleeping with anyone, we'll give it a try." I pursed my lips and nodded. And as fast as could be. He said "deal."

Tame The Bad Boy By MichelleZeah | Libri

Tame The Bad Boy


Season 1 Heather Mcfly is unaware of the fact that she is daughter of Alpha and a werewolf. She met high school bad boy Ethan Abrahams in human school, who is a vampire. She has a dark past she is escaping from. Ethan who suffered a heart break is now living a bad boy's life where is known as womanizer. Little did Heather knows she is mate to a vampire despite her own werewolf's heritage. Will two forbidden lovers end up together? Or Destiny will fall them apart? Season 2 Neula escaped her abusive life with help of strange woman who have not revealed herself, The woman left the 7 year old girl to the bluemoon pack. The girl is revealed to be none other than Isabell and Oliver's daughter. Oliver who found his mate now and is living peacefully making peace with his past and heart break, he was now a family man but he saw Neula his very own girl with Isabell he turned into bitter man. His behavior to Neula is very Harsh. Little did she knows moon goddess have her own plans. Carlos, Ethan and Heather's son turned out to be werewolf instead of vampire, so they left him to the pack in order to learn to be an Alpha. Year later he turned out to be a powerful Alpha. Neula and Ethan Abraham both turned out to be rivals. Little did they knows moon goddess plan got inside their way to rivalry. Will the two enemies hate each other Or Love will blossom in between them?

Ascension of a Gamma By Caine Casann | Libri

Ascension of a Gamma

Caine Casann

I always knew who I was born to be, but the Goddess had other plans. She deprived me of the one thing I needed to fulfill my duty. I disappointed my pack, I lost the ones I loved, and my purpose was losing its worth. I persevered for years, waiting for the day I could leave my pack. But my plans were thwarted yet again when She fated me as mate to an infamous Alpha. It would’ve been alright had I not known about his dirty little secret. Lost and confused, who would’ve known that I would one day stumble upon something that would undo everything I knew about the past. And because of it, I’d find myself asking about my real identity and destiny. I’m Anna Bella Fiora, future Head Gamma of the White Lake Pack. Well, at least I thought I was.

Ruined (Eternal Monarch) By Favor V April | Libri

Ruined (Eternal Monarch)

Favor V April

An orphan raised by the omegas of the pack, her mate took a chosen luna and left her pregnant. After she had lost everything, they threw her back out on the streets. The streets were where she came from in the first place. Every time a car passed, she would hurl herself into the streets. She yearned to die and be with her dear ones, but no one had ever stepped in to aid her. Will the moon goddess have mercy on her? What would happen if her true identity was discovered?

Luna Rising, Book one of the Black Alder Series By Cortney T  | Libri

Luna Rising, Book one of the Black Alder Series

Cortney T

What's worse! Being an abused slave to a pack who once treated you with respect, or having your mate reject you in the absolute worse way no one could have ever imagined. Elena Davis is a unshifted wolf, but that's never bothered her. Despised by her mother, loved by her father, ignored by her brother, she goes through life happy and hopeful. However that all changes when rogues suddenly attack her family’s house. Her pack assumes she has shifted and killed her father, and it all goes downhill. She spends years after dealing with a***e with the hope that one day she will meet her mate and he will take her away from all the pain Roland Black , Alpha of the Black Alder pack and Alpha King of all territories . He follows no one’s rules but his own. He has already had a mate, whose life ended tragically, and he isn't looking for another one but that all changes when his vision of the beautiful girl with silver hair and jewel blue eyes brings him to the Lunar Eclipse Festival, only for him to meet his moon blessed second chance mate close to death. Can he save her? Destiny has been written in the stars for these two long ago and older enemies are coming out to play. Follow Book 1 of the Black Alder series as you journey through heartbreak, self-realization, and betrayal , with an ending that will definitely leave you hooked for more.

Contract for 7 Nights with My Ex-husband By Rising Cloud | Libri

Contract for 7 Nights with My Ex-husband

Rising Cloud

Six years ago, he forced her to sign a divorce agreement, knowing that she was pregnant. He said he hated her, and she didn't know why. For six years, she struggled to make a living for herself and her son. Finally, with the help of her friends, she became a famous photographer, and she and her son finally led a fairly stable life. At this time, he reappeared as the CEO of her client. He threatened her with the family fortune of her friend's family and forced her to sign a seven-night contract, during which she would face seven full nights of torture. Why would he do this to her? It would be absurd to say that this is his attempt to save his marriage. After all, it's too late for everything .....

Kidnapped by my mate By Joyce | Libri

Kidnapped by my mate


Joyce never wanted a mate not after what her mum went through in the hands of her dad due to his cowardice but what she doesn't know is that moon Goddess has other plans for her by making her a mate to the deadliest Alpha king of the black moon pack the biggest pack in America.

The Wallflower And The Alphas By AddisonWinters | Libri

The Wallflower And The Alphas


It's about Avery Williams, who is special as she is not just a wolf/witch, but she got two sides: her wolf- Angelstar, and her Veela-Anglica. She is a nerd, loser, and whom everyone made fun of, even her friends called her Wallflower. Usually, when the Moon Goddess finds you your other half, one or two mates the most there will be for you. But Avery is a different werewolf, she does not have one or two mates but four mates. She fated to the four most dangerous, most popular, and most arrogant boys in school, the four horsemen Alphas: Elijah Woods, Jake Stone, Andrew Bradford, and Matthew Steele. The four bad boys knew the whole time that she is their mate but doesn't want anyone to know, instead they hide their feelings about Avery. Avery finally finds out her mates are her bullies and torturer, but when she turns 19 on her birthday, that is when it all changes. That is when she finds out she is a Veela. Will Avery forgive them about they make a bet to see how to get her to fall in love with them? What if someone in her family's past wants her too and they kidnap her right at the dance.? What if the guys find her in time but she is married off the Vampire Prince: The Duke Conway...? Will the Quads break everything in their path to get to Avery including the walls she has built around her heart? It all remains to be seen in The Wallflower And The Alphas.

The Ruthless Alpha By Blue Heart | Libri

The Ruthless Alpha

Blue Heart

Daciana has been an orphan since she was ten years old, due to the attack of the enemy pack killed all their companions including her parents there. Since she was the only one left in their clan, the enemy pack took her and lived them with the Shadow Pack. From then on, she was made a slave and made their servant. She was treated like garbage and treated like an animal. The couple Alpha Remus and Queen Ylva had a son Prince Artemis. Prince Artemis is looking for his mate, but he does not accept Daciana as his mate because she is a rogue and lowly werewolf. He also ignores Daciana, even though he is attracted to its beauty he prevents himself from fall in love with her. She is once become a Princess and now she is a slave. Who will save her from this hell prison? Will she still find her true love?

His Eternal love By Ankitaghosh205 | Libri

His Eternal love


Meet Aadhya sengupta... A girl not beautiful at all by looks but has heart of gold, she is introvert, has no sense of make up or dressing. She is 19 years old but she is different from the girls in her age.. She has a passion for writing... She write stories or I say write her dreams.. Yes you hear it right.. But what will happen when this not so beautiful girl slapped a Millionaire who will not let her go in any cost for taking his revenge by marry her? Meet... Veer Roy who is a millionaire. He can get any girl he want but what happens when he marry the girl who slapped him for taking his revenge? Is this the only reason behind his marriage with Aadhya or here is something he is hiding? So join the journey of love, hate, misunderstanding and secrets. Let's join the journey of Aadhya and her husband veer to know more read the story.....