Ravished by the Beasts By Kelly Lord | Libri

Ravished by the Beasts

Kelly Lord

“Bad girl would get fucked in the ass by the FOUR of us, when she breaks the rule.” Isobelle Harding, being sucked into the world of shifters, has bagged herself a harem of smoking hot werewolves. What should have been an amazing time of her life soon leads to her own erotic awakening with four beasts.

Her Unwanted Mate On The Throne By Caroline Above Story | Libri

Her Unwanted Mate On The Throne

Caroline Above Story

I’m a prisoned omega. A slave maid. While the prince who forced himself on me claimed me as his MATE. --------- “My… mate…” She felt his hot breath caress against the back of her neck when he whispered behind her, she moved too slow to prevent the man from forcing her to the grass beneath them. “My… mate!” He shouted as he straddled her against the cold ground, the darkness blinded her from his identity. His grip was strong and rough as he pinned both her wrists above her head with one hand, she could smell the alcohol on his breath when he whispered the word over and over against her ear. “I don’t—“ Doris gasped when he ripped her maids’ uniform off with little to no effort, leaving her almost bare in her undergarments. She struggled uselessly against his hold, the cold air stung her exposed skin. Doris didn’t understand what this man meant by mate. She didn’t have a mate—he was obviously very drunk and had the wrong girl. “Please don’t—

Dangerous Temptation-Kissed by the Panthers By Andrea0 | Libri

Dangerous Temptation-Kissed by the Panthers


"You are OURS! Say it!" Scared and broken. Evelyn is afraid of her own shadow, running from her past and without having hope for her future. Until she stumbles upon three shifters who are nothing like what she'd ever expected! Evelyn gets caught into a world full of secrets revelations and three dominant men who will change her life to a point of no return. The question she going to be able to resist such a Dangerous Temptation?!

The Alpha Viking By Maria Elise | Libri

The Alpha Viking

Maria Elise

*Book 1 (The Alpha Viking) Chapter 1- 56 *Book 2 (The Alpha Vikings heir) Chapter 57- Freya is a well-trained fighter and strategist, but she will never be allowed to attend a war, defend her pack or have a future as such in the pack because her wolf won’t shift form. The moon goodness mates her with Eirik, a young and strong Alpha from Norway, the mythical Alpha Viking. She pushed him away and escaped. But… "Are you finished running now, so I can let you go? But I warn you if you run again, I will catch you, pin you down and do to you exactly what my wolf is suggesting and enjoy it.. " A plan is made by higher powers, which path will it lead them down?

Prisoner To My Mate By Amal A. Usman | Libri

Prisoner To My Mate

Amal A. Usman

Ana was like every young she-wolf out there. She couldn’t wait to meet her mate. She didn’t expect the way things would go the day she finally met him or the way he would treat her once they met. Ana’s mate wants nothing to do with her but won’t let her go. Ana feels like a prisoner to her mate. Her mind is torn on what to do. She wishes her mate would love her, but he shows no hope of that happening. She wants to try and build something with him, but he makes things difficult for her. He treats her horribly, and Ana doesn’t know why. Ana wishes he would reject or let her go, but he won’t. She feels like he is determined to make her his prisoner forever. Read and find out how Ana survives being a prisoner to her.

Broken Promises By Cosmic Maraki | Libri

Broken Promises

Cosmic Maraki

Rylee's parents die in a tragic car accident when she was 10, she's 17 now and lives in a foster home. She has lived in the same foster home since she was 11, pushing herself to try to fix her broken side of her mostly in silence. A few months ago, Rylee's best friend killed herself. Rylee finds herself in messy situations before she finally realizes she can't try to be who she was again but needs to be who she is. Letting her broken half come to life as it breaks the shell she kept tightly around her. She finds herself a completely different person, falling in love with the person she has become letting her previous self be nothing but a memory.

The Alpha CEO's Unloved Wife By Everleigh Miles | Libri

The Alpha CEO's Unloved Wife

Everleigh Miles

“Angelique,” his voice was hard. “Jane is in the bathroom.” “She can’t hear through the door. She’ll be forever cleaning her dress,” Angelique purred the words. There was a long, long silence, and then a moan started. Jane leaned her head against the door, listening as the other woman enjoyed her husband in a way that she had never done. Despite sharing a true-mate connection with her werewolf mate, there were three people in Jane's marriage. As Baron Western keeps seeking revenge for the death of his grandfather, Jane tries to navigate a tormenting relationship where her mate has no interests in, except her body. Pulled together by their true-mate bond, torn apart by his love and need for another woman, how long can Jane stand to be the unloved wife of Baron Western? Check the whole work out here:

The Elemental Wolf By Syringa | Libri

The Elemental Wolf


I was called into the office along with my sister, I had rules I had to follow, I was never permitted to speak or to make eye contact with anyone which I had become used to over the ears, when my father became upset or angry he would take me down to the basement and there he would vent his anger out on me, he never touched my sister nor my mother this way only me, deep down I knew he had reasons for hating me as he does but that was never made known to me. I stayed near the door as I was not permitted to enter the office any further, he always said he could not stand the way I smell, I swallowed and looked down at my feet waiting patiently for him to speak. "Lilly you will be getting married to an Alpha in an hour's time, he is a good man and he will care for you!" Our father said, clearing his throat. "Dad Ricco is my mate, he already accepted me as his mate and I accepted him, he is coming to ask you for my hand in marriage in a few hours!" Lilly replied. "When he gets here you will reject him and marry the Alpha of my choosing you have no choice in this!" Our father shouted. "Perhaps to keep Lilly happy I could take her place sir!" I replied, clearing my throat slightly. "No, you are nothing more than an experiment. You will remain here and remain mateless!"He snapped, throwing a book at me.

The Alpha Prince's Unexpected Mate By Havilworth | Libri

The Alpha Prince's Unexpected Mate


"Mate!" He heard his wolf growl. Lancelot's eyes dropped to the place she shook his palm. 'You have got to be kidding me.' ******** "Fuck me." The words slipped out of her tongue, past her lips, before she could do anything about it. Lancelot's eyes widened. He saw a golden ring form around Ziko's eyes; that was not a good sign. "What did you say?" She took one step towards him, slowly closing the gap between them. He wished she'll stop, still he wished she wouldn't. She didn't say anything, she just continued to walk towards him. Did she really know what she was getting herself into? Lancelot thought to control himself. He wasn't going to lose himself to her, he would have a shower and the bulging in his pants would reduce. Roxanne planted herself in front of Lancelot, she could feel his eyes burn through her skin. She wanted him now, and despite the indifferent look he tried to put up, the growth in his pants said otherwise; he wanted her too. "I said..." She placed a hand on his cheek. Lancelot's eyes fell to her lips and lingered there, so he saw them form the next words that came out of her mouth. "Fuck me." Ziko growled within him. He saw her bite her lower lip faintly, right before he lost every ounce of self control. 'Fuck it' He hissed. With one grip, he pulled her to himself and crashed his lips on hers.

Safe Haven By WhoooahKay | Libri

Safe Haven


Haven Sawyer and her mother have just made the biggest move of their life. And that, is the move from New Orleans. Havens mother Hannah and her father Mike divorced 4 years ago, and shortly after, she started dating a man named John Truitt, and after 3 years of dating, they finally got married. Sawyer, she got a step dad, and two step brothers. Calvin, also 17, and Brayden, 15. And now, a week after the wedding, Haven and Hannah have officially made the move instead of traveling once a month, and John and his sons vice versa. But when Haven found out they were moving, she had no clue her world would be flipped upside down. Especially by Calvin's group of child hood friends. Tucker Gordon, Ricky Hughes, and Colten Farr. The 4 boys are known around St. Augustine for two words. Athlete, and trouble. But Haven's world, isn't the only one being flipped upside down by her arrival.