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The Alpha Viking

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"Are you done running away, so I can let you go? I warn you princess! If you run again; I will catch you, pin you down and do to you exactly what my wolf is suggesting. And I will enjoy it.. " Freya´s first reaction was to run! The Alpha Viking from the Norse pack was her mate? Panicked she stopped thinking, turned and ran. Not before she reaches the beach, waves washing in on her feet did she remember where she was. There was no place to run! Freya never longed for a mate, yet she gets lost in his blue eyes. His warm touch sent warm electrical waves up her skin. An incredible feeling of being seen for the first time make her doubt what she wanted in her life. But she is scared. A man of his power, his rank, what will he say when is mate doesn’t have a wolf? A different love story, without an abusive mate or love interest. Strong and independent Female lead. The Viking is a misunderstood man surrounded with myths and stories, Freya experience a loving and kind man. A man that later will let nothing stop him to get his mate back! ** This story is inspired by old Norse Vikings, their rituals, and traditions. Their old gods and beliefs. Mythology and folklores play under the surface of the story. Sweet and pure love, corrupted by greed, misunderstandings, and sick minds. Can something so real and raw as love survive in a cruel word soaked with magic, paranormal creatures and hidden agendas? Info ! This first book is posted as a series on the app. (Details below. You can find the sequel posted alone under the title “The Alpha Vikings heir.”) *Book1(The Alpha Viking)Chapter 1- 56 COMPLETE *Book2(The Alpha Vikings heir)Chapter 57-290 COMPLETE

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