The Forbidden Alpha By Jp Sina | Libri

The Forbidden Alpha

Jp Sina

Lifting my chin, I square my shoulders and steel my resolve to head in. That’s when I see it, with the moon shining so bright how did I miss it? Out from the shadows, a figure steps into the light. My body starts shaking and I take a step back. I can’t find my voice. “Would you care to explain, why I come out here and see you dry humping Alpha Ethan out here in the dark?” He asks me with a calmness that leaves me frozen in place. I open my mouth but nothing comes out. “Run to our mate, Adea!” Korra yells at me. I can hear her but I can’t move. His eyes are a mix of black and gold and the look he’s giving me looks murderous. He’s by my side in a second and I can feel my eyes widen in shock. He grabs my neck and slams me against the wall. I let out a gargled cry as I try to breathe. “Shane,” I say in a raspy voice, raising my hands I claw at his hand that’s wrapped around my neck. Shane’s standing with his hand on my neck, his gaze leaves a trail of unease as he looks down my body. When his eyes are making their way back up they stop on my breast and he lets out a growl. “Do you not remember what I said yesterday?” He says as he pulls my dress down and my spaghetti straps rip and my breasts fall out in front of him bare. I feel myself going numb and I turn my feelings off. His warm tongue touches my chest and he takes my left nipple into his mouth. He sucks, hard and bites down on my hardened nipple. I cry out, and he lets my tit go. “You’re mine,” he says and thoughts of Ethan flood my mind as Korra thinks about him. “There’s no point Korra,” I say as I block her from my thoughts pushing her to the furthest part of my mind. This will hurt her more than it’ll hurt me. He leans over and takes my right tit into his mouth. Licking, sucking, and biting as it hardens. He stands up and stares down at my body. Letting go of my neck, he cocks his hand back and my face explodes in pain when his hand connects with my cheek. He raises his hand and slaps me across the face a second time and this time my head snaps back and hits the wall. “Look what you’ve made me do,” he bites. " You’ve angered your Alpha,” he growls at me and I lean against the wall for support. “Submit,” he orders and I feel my body collapse to the floor, his power washing over me, and I bow my head, offering my neck to him. I feel Shane’s hand wrap around my arm and pull me up. “Good girl,” he kisses my neck, sucking on me. His other hand grabs my tit and massages my nipple between his fingers. His hand trails down to my dress and he yanks it up above my waist scrunching my dress around my waist. My tits and pussy are now bare to him and I try to focus on the moon. The same moon that showed me the beauty of the garden now shines its light on my body for Shane to feast on. “You are mine, this is mine. No one is going to take you from me. Your place is at my side or under me.”

Lust: Love without shame By Reginadelinferno | Libri

Lust: Love without shame


"I was the player, now I'm a game." ~Silvio Salvatore "Nowadays, love has became like a maid, she comes, rings the bell, does her work and shoes away." ~Sadie Quintin "He was a sin, and I committed him." ~Sadie Quintin ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sadie Quinn is a doctor by profession and broken from within. Having lost everything she once owned, she's tired of her life. Living a miserable life with her step-sister, her mundane life was just about slightly fine until one day she crosses paths with notorious italian mafia leader. Silvio Salvatore, a name enough to trigger fear in thousands of hearts, a killer by heart and a cruel sadist with ulterior motives. It was supposed to be only game of revenge until his eyes met her brown ones. The pawns were placed, Sadie suddenly found herself in drastic game of lust and hate. She craved freedom but he refused any scope of it. He seeked revenge until he realised he had so much to lose. The treacherous destiny leaves them both confused and bewildered. -------------------------------------------

Demon Kings Mate By San_2045 | Libri

Demon Kings Mate


His eyes fully turned bright red and lethal, the dark grey fog surrounding him as he rose on his feet. Black pointed sharp claws jutted out of his fingers. His skin appeared paler than usual as he stared right into my soul. "W-What are...you?" I questioned, my lips trembling in fear. "Daemonuim rex" He hissed, his claws disappearing. I froze in my seat as those words echoed in my ears. I know what he meant. Demon King. *** Talia wanted an adventure. Working two jobs and living in a dump for an apartment does that to you. When her friend drags her to the club, she is excited at the prospect of meeting someone new. That's how she meets Lukas, the handsome stranger at the bar who beds her and leaves the next morning. Her entire life changes because of that one night. From finding out she's demons mate, who's pregnant with the first half-demon child to ridiculously dressed fairies showing up at her door, getting abducted by the guy with a spear, her life becomes an adventure she wished she never asked. ***

CRAVE By JessicaAdams | Libri



WARNING[R18]: STORY WITH EXTREMELY EXPLICIT/MATURE CONTENT (FIND ME: A LOVE THROUGH ETERNITY SEQUEL) Jenny never dreamed of becoming a mistress but that happened. That's why she did not hesitate to go away when she found out the truth, to move on. But life is full of surprises when she and Jason cross paths again. Jason, the first to claim everything that she could give, and this time Jenny knew that her desire for the young man is stronger. And so, it is with him. The reason why she is so ready to get burned. They crave so much for each other and that can even happen every time their eyes meet.

My Irresistible Step Brother By RinnaRinnet | Libri

My Irresistible Step Brother


WARNING: R18 . This story contains hot mature contents and it should be read by people who are above 18 years and in case you not interested please don't risk reading it . . MY IRRESISTIBLE STEP BROTHER . It is all about steps who find irresistible to stay away from each other .

Love Ain't Always Pretty By Ellyreiv | Libri

Love Ain't Always Pretty


Savannah Canterbury, privileged and grew up in a rich household whose parents are both doctors. All her life she has always been wanting to please her parents and to never disappoint them. She is the kind of woman who isn't looking for love because she is too focused on having an accomplished life. Nick Wilde, a secretive and cold-hearted first boy with a lurking dark past of murder who grew up in awfully poor family. He has disabled himself to feel anything coming from anyone because of the tragic thing that happened in his life. He only cares about his younger sister Tracy and no one else. Nick is a man who never wants to fall in love again. Until he meets Tracy's roommate Savannah where his world turns upside down. An unexpected and unwanted relationship where they are bound to set three rules: 1.Live the present in secret 2.No commitment 3.Never expect for a future. Nick can close his eyes to the things he doesn't want to see but he can't close his heart from the things he doesn't want to feel. When everything falls out of place, hearts get broken, tears turns to anger and their love gets hideous, is Savannah willing to risk everything even after his ugly past? Love has never been pretty for Nick but will he allow himself to feel again? Will a love that started so ugly turn out into something beautiful? All Rights Reserved.

I Am Not Your Victim By Ms. Sophia | Libri

I Am Not Your Victim

Ms. Sophia

***THIS BOOK IS COMPLETE*** Harmony Moon Series Book 1 Harper Rae is a teenage prodigy when it comes to warrior training. With the help of her parents, Harper excelled to top of her class and was about to graduate warrior training and become the youngest paid warrior of her pack. All was perfect in Harper’s life until their pack alpha unexpectedly passed away and was replaced by Thane Kago, an evil, vile and power hunger alpha. He wants nothing but to rid his pack of weak members, and those who refused to do unimaginable things to help Thane with his unknown agenda. Thane Kago had developed an unhealthy obsession with Harper due to a folklore that followed her throughout her entire childhood. Thane chose Harper as his chosen mate, but Harper refused to submit to him. Thane became enraged by Harper’s refusal and proceeded to torture Harper into submission, this included taking everything she had away from her. A devastated but headstrong Harper is forced to run from her childhood home. She must do so before her 18th birthday, when Thane promised to mate and mark her in order to benefit from the folklore that may or may not come true. Harper stumbles upon the territory of a generous pack that welcomes her with open arms. There, she catches the eye of alpha Gabriel who can’t get her out of his head. She gains new friends and a fresh start, but Thane won’t let her go that easy. Harper finds that she is no longer alone, but will it be enough to overcome the struggles that awaits in her near future? Follow Harper’s journey as folklores become reality, powers are awakened, and a new race is born.




Amelia Lavigne faces alot of things that tested her before she get in the tale of turning into the wife of the rich person, special lady of a person with a sweetheart as of now, having a hopeless life. Eventually, she will simply say how is it that I could arrive, and can hardly imagine how following a years of battling of being unfortunate of affection. She can say, "At long last."