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Lust: Love without shame

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"I was the player, now I'm a game." ~Silvio Salvatore "Nowadays, love has became like a maid, she comes, rings the bell, does her work and shoes away." ~Sadie Quintin "He was a sin, and I committed him." ~Sadie Quintin ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sadie Quinn is a doctor by profession and broken from within. Having lost everything she once owned, she's tired of her life. Living a miserable life with her step-sister, her mundane life was just about slightly fine until one day she crosses paths with notorious italian mafia leader. Silvio Salvatore, a name enough to trigger fear in thousands of hearts, a killer by heart and a cruel sadist with ulterior motives. It was supposed to be only game of revenge until his eyes met her brown ones. The pawns were placed, Sadie suddenly found herself in drastic game of lust and hate. She craved freedom but he refused any scope of it. He seeked revenge until he realised he had so much to lose. The treacherous destiny leaves them both confused and bewildered. -------------------------------------------

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