My Puppet Wife By Shi Wu | Libri

My Puppet Wife

Shi Wu

Being betrayed by her fiancé, she lost faith in love. So she decided to follow her mother's dying wish and marry Mr. Powell, even though she had never met him. The decision united her with Joshwa Powell, and her life was turned upside down ever since. "Remember, you're just my puppet wife, don't expect too much." He said. But his love is not something an ordinary woman can afford, and when she eventually became heartbroken and decided to leave, he dominantly took her into his arms, "You made me fall for you, and yet you want to run away?"

Contract Marriage Devil's Trap By Sanyuejingzhe | Libri

Contract Marriage Devil's Trap


She was a young doctor with a promising career. To save her family, she signed a two-year marriage contract and got married to him. In public, he was the cold president of a business empire, and all the women in the city fell for him. At home, he was a ruthless devil. He told her, "You're qualified to bear my child." But when she regained her memory, she left with her broken heart. And when she showed up three years later as a more confident and powerful woman, this time, he just couldn’t let her go.

When I met you By Gu Xiaoman | Libri

When I met you

Gu Xiaoman

On the plane, an unprofessional air hostess is crazily hitting on an extremely handsome man. In order to get a restful sleep, she tried to pretend to be his girlfriend and saved him from the air hostess' harassment. Coincidentally, later, she was harassed by her ex-boyfriend at the airport. This time, the handsome man showed up and saved her by pretending to be her boyfriend. She thought they got even now, not realizing that this was only the beginning of their destined relationship. Seven years later, he saw her with her pair of six-year-old boy-girl-twins, looking at the irrefutable resemblance between him and the boy, how should she explain to him?

Contract for 7 Nights with My Ex-husband By Rising Cloud | Libri

Contract for 7 Nights with My Ex-husband

Rising Cloud

Six years ago, he forced her to sign a divorce agreement, knowing that she was pregnant. He said he hated her, and she didn't know why. For six years, she struggled to make a living for herself and her son. Finally, with the help of her friends, she became a famous photographer, and she and her son finally led a fairly stable life. At this time, he reappeared as the CEO of her client. He threatened her with the family fortune of her friend's family and forced her to sign a seven-night contract, during which she would face seven full nights of torture. Why would he do this to her? It would be absurd to say that this is his attempt to save his marriage. After all, it's too late for everything .....

Mr CEO is My Hero By Jannah1559 | Libri

Mr CEO is My Hero


Farrah Turner is a strong woman that just found out that her fiance was cheating on her with her friend on the day before they left the state to visit her parents for the first time together. Anger and embarrassment clouded her mind and she was thinking of how to let her family know that the wedding was off. That was when the biggest CEO of the state, Seth Walker offered to help her get revenge and become rich while doing so by becoming his contracted wife. Can they fall in love with each other in this facade? Will their family figure out the truth? What is Seth Walker's real reason for offering her a marriage contract? With a plot like this, you know that there is bound to be face slapping drama, action, mystery, romance and more!

A Surrogate For Billionaire By ANNA | Libri

A Surrogate For Billionaire


She had to become an unknown billionaire’s surrogate. One sleepless night, one endless tortuer and in two months she was pregnant with the unknown man’s child. She became a surrogate to save her brother’s life. But the day she gave birth to the son, she lost her brother. She was hopeless and broken. The man who she gave birth to a son for, threatened her. He was heartless and brutal. She was forced to leave her past life and start a new life. But no one knew what exactly happened and who was behind all the crimes! ……… “Be with me, I'll give you everything in the world!” He said looking into her eyes. “All I want is my son’s full custody!” she replied fearlessly. Will Ryan and Julianna be able to find the truth behind every pain and lie that they went through? Or, Will they hate each other forever because of the mistaken past?

Married to the President By Tessy Chris | Libri

Married to the President

Tessy Chris

Married for months but still a virgin, she was raped by a stranger after being drugged by her husband and stepsister. After that, her husband accused her of infidelity and divorced her, just to marry her stepsister. She lost everything, her properties, her inheritance, and her home. What’s worse, she found out that she was pregnant. She was devastated, and her world fell apart. No parents, no home, no place to stay, who could she turn to when she didn’t even know who got her pregnant? On the other hand, Raymond Li, the youngest billionaire and the president of Li’s corporation, was looking for the woman he had a one-night stand with… Four years later, Raymond came across two boys who resembled him. Who is their mother?

Billionaire's Broken Angel By The Bright Star | Libri

Billionaire's Broken Angel

The Bright Star

"Please...don't come….near me..who" She saw that he was walking towards her like a predator. She grabbed her wedding gown with both her hands and her fragile heart thumping in her chest. "You are not in the position to ask me who I am. I hope you know why you are here." "It's a late sweetheart and pleases for what you have the whole night to please me, now start I'm not a patient man" "Please…..I'm not that kind of girl. Who do you want, sorry sir." "Nobody tells me what I want and you do not dare to object to me. I purchased you and you have already become my slave, And you should be happy that at least I have given you the title of my wife in front of the world. So be faithful and do your duties as a wife." "No! No….you cannot cage me like this what I'm doing here." "You already caged because you are sold in the middle of the whole market And you are here to warm my bed and please me whenever, wherever I want!" "But why are you so rich and handsome you find anyone, any woman, ready to be your wife why you ruin me." "Because I like your innocence and I like to ruin the innocence of yours." He pulled her soft body and she collided with his hard chest. The difference between them was an inch, their breath mingled and he claimed her lips and woke up the beast inside him.

The CEO's Dirty Little Secret By L. G. Savage | Libri

The CEO's Dirty Little Secret

L. G. Savage

"You keep speaking as if you have a choice." "I do have a choice! I'm done with you, Roman Ashfield. Go back to the woman you think is worthy of you and leave me alone." "You will never be done, Evelyn. Not tonight. Not this week. Probably not this year," he said as he closed the small gap between them. He heard the satisfying sound of her hitched breath as his fingers trailed the side of her body down to her bare thighs. "I own you, Evelyn Bright, whether you like it or not." "You don't own me!" But the very next moment a moan left her lips when he cupped her between her legs. "Let's agree to disagree," he whispered as he pushed the flimsy material aside. .... Evelyn Bright walked into Ashfield Construction for a typist job and came out a whore. A dirty secret. But all she wants to do now is pick up the pieces of her shattered dignity and walk away. Nothing good can come from falling in love with a cold-hearted bastard like Roman Ashfield. Roman has very simple rules in his contract. If she breaks them she has to leave. It’s less complicated that way. But Evelyn turns his ordered life upside down when she tries to walk away. It’s not love, it can’t be. But what lengths is he willing to go to to keep her where she belongs?

2015 Top Ten Gay Romance By fancynovel | Libri

2015 Top Ten Gay Romance


2015 Top Ten Gay Romance brings together the best-selling short stories published by JMS Books that year. From first love to true love, from submission to sensual, from heat to sweet and everything in between, the couples in these stories are sure to keep you turning the pages as you fall in love with them. With stories by J.M. Snyder, J.L. Merrow, Edward Kendrick, Hunter Frost, Drew Hunt, Lisa Gray, A.R. Moler, Rebecca James, Jeff Adams, and J.D. Walker, this head-over-heels collection goes beyond bedtime reading. Whether happily ever after or happy for now, there’s an ending for everyone in here! Contains the stories: Hat Trick Overtime: Summer Camp by Jeff Adams, The Courage to Heal by Hunter Frost, Surprise Gifts by Drew Hunt, A Pebble in the Water by Lisa Gray, Partners by Rebecca James, Let Go of Loneliness by Edward Kendrick, Batteries Not Included by J.L. Merrow, Djinn: What's In Your Box? by A.R. Moler, Just My Style by J.M. Snyder, and A Cowboy for Keeps by J.D. Walker.