His Appointed Wife By Fathy Light | Libri

His Appointed Wife

Fathy Light

Her lips touched and teased and coaxed him and he felt her touch in every cell and every bone. Soft and supple, her body was around him. Everywhere. He was hungry for more, but he couldn't break this sweetness. Shy and timid, she kissed like herself. All so innocent, but incredibly passionate. The kiss was gentle, yet also fire. And he couldn't help anymore. He wanted more. He pushed her back gently and her back hit the wall and he pressed himself to her amazing body. Her tongue hesitantly touched him and then it grew bolder, teasing, nipping, sucking. Killing. "Ah." He thought. "Can I really stay away after this?" "I can't." She thought. *** A guy, a girl, a contract and sizzling sexual tension between them. Is it possible for them to come out of it with zero casualties? *** "I'll give you a place to stay and I'll pay you, all you have to do is to pretend to be my wife for an year, in return. It is that easy." Or is it? With a contract, their deal is filed, signed and sealed with a kiss. Finally, Alexandra will have a home, have someone to back her up in the fight of getting back what is legally hers. Logan will have the revenge he wants against his ex-girlfriend, Stacy. Gambling with the matters of heart is just dangerous. You might hit the jackpot or you will be neck deep in heartbreak. It all depends on the cards that have been dealt to you. And they will both realize it soon enough, when their heart take over their brain. ___

Married to the President By Tessy Chris | Libri

Married to the President

Tessy Chris

Married for months but still a virgin, she was raped by a stranger after being drugged by her husband and stepsister. After that, her husband accused her of infidelity and divorced her, just to marry her stepsister. She lost everything, her properties, her inheritance, and her home. What’s worse, she found out that she was pregnant. She was devastated, and her world fell apart. No parents, no home, no place to stay, who could she turn to when she didn’t even know who got her pregnant? On the other hand, Raymond Li, the youngest billionaire and the president of Li’s corporation, was looking for the woman he had a one-night stand with… Four years later, Raymond came across two boys who resembled him. Who is their mother?

The Billionaire's ASSASSIN  By AsiaDavid | Libri

The Billionaire's ASSASSIN


A fearless and ruthless Assassin, Brianna Peters, was now able to finally execute her long-planned revenge against the person who ordered her parents’ untimely death when she was just five years old. Her first step was to get close to her enemy and that step was to become the new Personal Assistant and Executive Secretary for the founder and CEO of the LM Realtors Group, Lucien Michaelson. The only grandchild of her mortal enemy. What will happen if their worlds collide in a way one hopes, while the other despises it to be? What if Brianna who was supposed to kill Lucien turns out to be guarding him subconsciously against his enemies? Find out the exciting romance of Lucien and Brianna. The CEO and the ASSASSIN. In… The Billionaire’s ASSASSIN.

Bittersweet Love with the Ruthless CEO By Wei Wei | Libri

Bittersweet Love with the Ruthless CEO

Wei Wei

An accident damaged her sister's vocal cords, causing Wen Xiaoran to take the blame for brutalizing her sister. From then on, everyone spurned her, especially her father and the man she loved. At this very moment, she was kidnapped by the CEO of Imperial Group, which ranked first in the world in terms of market capitalization. He came up with all kinds of evidence, claiming that his cheating wife had plastic surgery to change her appearance and identity to avoid being found by him, and Wen Xiaoran was her. Initially, he used all means to torture her for revenge. She had no choice but to admit that she was his wife in order to survive. But she did not expect the punishment to be followed by unparalleled doting love. In the tangle of love and hatred, they slowly discovered each other's secrets, he even helped her to clear the wrongdoing, and she gradually fell in love with him. Until one day, he said - "Everything is clear, you are not my wife, now you can leave ......"

Fat Girl’s Billionaire Arch-Enemy By Abarakwan | Libri

Fat Girl’s Billionaire Arch-Enemy


Being a chubby and humble 20-year-old student, Jemima struggles through her college study by scholarships and selling her paintings. That warm personality has brought her a wealthy friend, whose brother is a well-known handsome football player, Michael Robinson. Isn't this sound incredible? Of course not! Showing no respect and likely to tease her body figure, Jemima sees Michael as an arrogant jerk. However, this bully suddenly confessed his love towards Jemima and said he wanted sex with her. Stunned and confused, Jemima rejected such rude pursuit, which somehow led to a severe consequence...

Resisting Damien Adams By Xavier's Heart | Libri

Resisting Damien Adams

Xavier's Heart

Damien Adams. Arrogant, cold, and extremely attractive Madison Smith's new boss. She can't stand him to death, and annoyingly, fate keeps putting Madison in irrational situations with her new boss. She keeps reminding herself that he's just her boss. At first, her bumbling demeanor seems to annoy her boss, but it gets worse when Adams suddenly starts enjoying the company of the clumsy Madison. Not that Damien's supremely alluring presence causes Madison enough trouble at work as she now has a sister in love to deal with. Her sister Sophia is head to toe in love with Damien Adams and is determined to do whatever it takes to make Damien hers. come what may. However, Madison's world is turned upside down when Damien proposes a deal she is forced to make.

Forever His By Kathleen Hayat | Libri

Forever His

Kathleen Hayat

"You must be punished, Eleanor." He rasped, his deep rich voice sent tingles down her spine. Pulling her away from the wall, he hoisted her up on his shoulder. A squeal of horror escaped her lips as she immediately clutched his shirt from back in her tiny fists, eyes looking at the floor in terror, because of his Goddamn mighty height. "Put m-me d-down." She stuttered as he hooked his other arm behind her knees and kept her legs firmly close to his chest. He took big steps and within a few strides he was in his room as he locked the door making her breath hitch. "W-why are y-you locking the door." She stuttered again. A squeal escaped her lips when her world changed its position again. Leon threw her on the bed and watched her tiny yet luscious frame bouncing on the bed twice. Eleanor raised her body on her elbows as she watched him removing his shirt with ease. Her throat went all dry when her eyes landed on his naked muscular chest, eight freaking packs, and v line. She didn't dare let her eyes trail further down as she snapped her eyes up to meet his silver ones and she stiffened. Dark intense silver pools peered at her. Uh Oh! **** “She's rich, he's a bad boy, a burglar. She's submissive, he's tractable. She's caged, he's wild. She yearns for freedom, his life is adventurous. As the tale says "Opposite attracts!" But then there's this rich man who's overly obsessed with the innocent heiress. A sweet, romantic story filled with lots of action and love but with a dark side.” Hot and Steamy… 18+

Love, Vogue and the CEO By Jazz Ford | Libri

Love, Vogue and the CEO

Jazz Ford

Billionaire Ace Brightly is the CEO of his own fashion industry called Pure Fashion. Everyone thinks he is cold and arrogant and tries their best to avoid him at all costs. Then enters Zurielle Summers! After a run-in, meeting each other for the first time, she stands up to him and doesn't take his disrespect and has no idea he is the CEO. She scolds him in front of his staff and you can just imagine their reactions. Not realising she isn't employed at his company, he makes it his mission to find out who she is and what sector she works in. Every time they run into each other, it turns into a disaster at the workplace arguing with each other while the staff discreetly watches on eating popcorn like it's their daily episode of a soap opera. From Biker gangs to Glitz and glamour, this story has it all tragedy, drama, humour, romance, fashion. So get your box of tissues ready to wipe your tears and your bag of popcorn in the microwave coz you will need it.

The Unwanted Wife By Reynang Elena | Libri

The Unwanted Wife

Reynang Elena

"I hate you Thunder. I will never forgive you." Living a life becoming a wife of husband, how long would Jewel handle the pain cause by Thunder? Will it takes long for her to stay? Or she'll choose to stay away from him and continue her life without the presence of her husband? A question that keeps lingering to her mind and trying to find answers but she'll end up setting it aside and continue to focus being a wife. For this unrequited love she have for him. One year of being miserable, One year of being in pained, One year being unloved, One year of suffering, Jewel Mercyl Dawson, came from a rich family and the only daughter, wife of Thunder Alcantara. A brave woman that would do everything for her husband to love her, though her husband despise her so much she'll still choose to stay beside him because she still believes that Thunder will change. Thunder Alcantara, the only son and heiress of the Alcantara Family, destined to marry the only daughter of Dawson family his parents bestfriend and also for the sake of their merging business. He's the CEO of Alcantara Group of Companies. He despise and loathe his wife so much and he will do everything to make his wife life a living hell, he also blames Jewel for taking his freedom away from him since they got married.