Destined for More By Julie DeFisher | Libri

Destined for More

Julie DeFisher

Rose, a very strong minded and willed, Gamma's daughter is about to embark on the the adventure of her life. While being put in an unfortunate place in her life, Rose realizes it's time to take the opportunity and never look back. How would anyone know that this strong minded, willed, and all around bad ass would end up with the King of the South.... Time will tell if previous disappointment will cause Rose to not take the next step. 4 Queens for 4 Kings: Book 1

Can't Let You Go, Mate By AlisTae | Libri

Can't Let You Go, Mate


Life was easy and happy until she met her mate . There is a ritual in the Crismon red pack that Once you find your mate you have to mark and accept them willingly but Once the head alpha finds his mate , his Luna , he can't reject her . Otherwise , the rejected mate has to bear the consequences . She never thought her mate would reject her and let her live in hell .  Arvan Black , the head alpha of the Crismon red pack is very dominant and a big bad wolf . Even Lycans are afraid of him . He is a true blood alpha . He expects his mate to be a powerful alpha or beta female . He never thought about a weak omega would be his mate . It crushed his ego and his respect . He thought she won't be able to satisfy his needs and protect the whole pack with him .  Rose Lee , the mate of the head alpha . She knew how to struggle but never thought she had to survive her mate's rejection . She promised herself that she will never forgive the alpha who rejected her mercilessly . BUT little did they know FATE HAD ANOTHER PLAN FOR THEM !

The Pack's Weirdo : A mystery to unveil[complete] By Mudita Upreti | Libri

The Pack's Weirdo : A mystery to unveil[complete]

Mudita Upreti

Being an outcast is something that Aadhya has already accepted a while ago, well you can't blame her when she is the only human living in the pack of werewolves. She had accepted her fate that she was never going to have a mate but all her plans, and all walls came crashing down when she found that her mate, her Alpha mate, didn't want her at all. And he even plans to claim another she-wolf to be his luna. "You are joking," he said in complete horror while I was still trying to digest the happiness of finally having a mate "you can't be my mate." he said in disgust and I flinched. "how can moon goddess be so cruel?" I, Ethan Smith, son of alpha Aiden and luna Olivia of the blue moon pack, reject you Aadhya as my mate and future luna of this pack." ************************************************************ Yes, I survived the rejection and I will indeed add proudly that I did it in the most respectable way. I am Aadhya brown, a warrior and daughter of Late beta rose and daniel brown. There are many issues in my life like those unending nightmares that seems too real to ignore the pain or those wounds that I always get in training which can't heal itself or the most irritating issue of a certain alpha male who is unable to fight the broken mate bond, but the issue that is making me go almost insane now a days is : Why the vampires and rogues are suddenly interested in our pack? *NO PART OF THIS WORK MAYBE REPRODUCED, DISTRIBUTED, OR TRANSMITTED IN ANY FORM OR BY ANY MEANS, WITHOUT THE PRIOR PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR {THE IMAGE USED IN COVER PHOTO OF THE BOOK IS TAKEN FROM THE INTERNET AND IS SOLELY THE WORK OF IT'S CREATOR}*

The Alpha CEO's Unloved Wife By Everleigh Miles | Libri

The Alpha CEO's Unloved Wife

Everleigh Miles

“Angelique,” his voice was hard. “Jane is in the bathroom.” “She can’t hear through the door. She’ll be forever cleaning her dress,” Angelique purred the words. There was a long, long silence, and then a moan started. Jane leaned her head against the door, listening as the other woman enjoyed her husband in a way that she had never done. Despite sharing a true-mate connection with her werewolf mate, there were three people in Jane's marriage. As Baron Western keeps seeking revenge for the death of his grandfather, Jane tries to navigate a tormenting relationship where her mate has no interests in, except her body. Pulled together by their true-mate bond, torn apart by his love and need for another woman, how long can Jane stand to be the unloved wife of Baron Western? Check the whole work out here:

The Alpha Viking By Maria Elise | Libri

The Alpha Viking

Maria Elise

Freya is a well-trained fighter and strategist, but she will never be allowed to attend a war, defend her pack or have a future as such in the pack because her wolf won’t shift form. The moon goodness mates her with Eirik, a young and strong Alpha from Norway, the mythical Alpha Viking. She pushed him away and escaped. But… "Are you finished running now, so I can let you go? But I warn you if you run again, I will catch you, pin you down and do to you exactly what my wolf is suggesting and enjoy it.. " A plan is made by higher powers, which path will it lead them down?

Dangerous Temptation-Kissed by the Panthers By Andrea0 | Libri

Dangerous Temptation-Kissed by the Panthers


"You are OURS! Say it!" Scared and broken. Evelyn is afraid of her own shadow, running from her past and without having hope for her future. Until she stumbles upon three shifters who are nothing like what she'd ever expected! Evelyn gets caught into a world full of secrets revelations and three dominant men who will change her life to a point of no return. The question she going to be able to resist such a Dangerous Temptation?!

The Unwanted Mate By Mooncake | Libri

The Unwanted Mate


The alpha roughly brought her closer to him, his gaze hovering over the girl like the shadow of a thunderstorm. "Everything happened according to your wish, didn't it? " Keiran's voice was dangerously low. "You ruined everything! You!—a pathetic creature like you made me put my Pack in danger!" He seethed, making the omega flinch. Evelyn looked up and she was greeted with a pair of fiery red eyes staring back at her. "Are you going to stand there like a mute?" He asked, frustrated that the omega wasn't uttering a single word. "I-I'm sorry, A-Alpha..." Evelyn didn't even know what she was sorry about but she just wanted her mate to calm down. She didn't want him to be angry. He already hated her enough. ●○●○●○●○ Evelyn is an omega, the lowest rank among the werewolves. The girl had to suffer a lot since childhood. Constantly hiding and living in fear killed her spirit. With an unknown enemy chasing her day and night, she was on the brink of losing hope. That's when he found her. Keiran Winter, the Alpha of one of the powerful Packs in the world, despised the weak with a passion. So when he got to find that his mate is the weakest human he has ever seen, it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies for him. He wanted nothing to do with her. But he was everything to her. **** Hello guys, please check out my new book 'Bride Of The Alpha King'. Here's a little blurb of the book; Irene jumped off the bridge to kill herself. But when she opened her eyes she was in another world. She was royalty and had a family. She was happy but nothing was perfect. Irene had to marry the king of lycans. A man whose heart is colder than ice and harder than stone. Will a girl who gave up on love and a man who's unable to love can fall for each other? Read to find out... Check out the book for a detailed description. (Daily updates)

Mated to the Golden Dragon By Mckayla Chinyama Queen | Libri

Mated to the Golden Dragon

Mckayla Chinyama Queen

After her parents divorce, Kaya Reneé Joston moves to the small town of Torent. Spending her final year at Rodney high, all she wants to do is cruise through the year unknown, whilst keeping a large distance away from her father and his new step family. But her plans fall out the moment she sets eyes on Mr. Popular-Azian, or rather Azian sets eyes on her. A Golden dragon prince god hiding in the human world, whose god like dragon (Alpha) will not shift ...but suddenly speaks for the first time when he lays his golden eyes on her. Azian knows there is something about this human, who causes his dragon to speak for the first time whenever she's around. She may be the key to his first shift, a shift needed in order to take his place on the throne. But she's not his mate, Her sister is.

Confessions of a Gamma's Daughter By KristiAuthor | Libri

Confessions of a Gamma's Daughter


Celeste was forced into a chosen mating with the most brutal and feared Alpha because of an alliance between the packs even though her father had promised that she would get to select her mate. In order to get rid of the alpha, she runs away only to stumble right into her fated mate. Now torn between two wolves and the threat of starting a war if she does not return to fulfill her duty to her pack, she must make a choice between love and duty, or she could lose everything. “I just need to check something real quick…” He whispers in my ear, as I feel his fingers slide under my panties and go straight to my core, feeling around for my clit.

A Bad Boy's Rogue Luna By MichelleZeah | Libri

A Bad Boy's Rogue Luna


Althea Althea is a werewolf, found by her adopted parents in the wood. She very rare kind of wolf Canis Lupus which was the very first werewolf and is the mystery to other wolves. Althea have been consider outcaste by the river stone pack. Tyler Rawlings The upcoming Alpha Tyler is rude to Althea, like many other wolf in the pack; she had only one best friend Jacob who happened to be her adopted cousin and Tyler's first cousin. River stone packs members are white wolves and direct descendant of moon goddess. Will she resist Tyler's charms or she will end up with big bad wolf who happened to be her mate?