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Ecstasy Of the Heart

Rose Garden Plantation

Lillie Damon looked out the window of her cottage. The lightning in the night sky lit up the tree on Rose Garden Plantation. Wind whistled through the trees. Thunder echoed with a loud boom. She was determined it was a perfect night to cast a spell on her lover, Paul. She walked into the bathroom. Lying on the counter was a comb that Paul used to comb his hair. The hair was from his comb. Lillie walked onto the back porch and brushed the dirt off the bottom of his shoes. She went into the yard and burnt a picture of him and gathered the ashes. She was sitting on the floor with candles all around her. The flicker of the candles created shadows on the wall. She placed the hair, dirt, ashes, and two small nails into a bowl. She began chanting the words of the spell while mixing the items. The bowl became too hot for her to hold. She placed the bowl in a pan of water. Steam rose from the bowl as the words spelled Rose Garden Plantation out. The candles, one by one, went out. She knew the spell was in effect. I had seen Paul with another woman, Jennifer. Lillie was possessive of him and if she could not have him, no one could. The couple had a standing date for Friday night. He came over to have dinner with her. She had prepared his favorite meal. He was sitting in the dining room waiting for dinner. He began remembering the romantic night he shared with Jennifer. Jennifer is a twenty-two-year-old maiden with long blonde hair. She had captured the affections of Paul. Jennifer’s skin was ivory with the softness of a newborn baby. Her blue eyes sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight. She can see her soul through her eyes. Her soul reflects innocence and passion. The passion that wanted to be lit like a fire. Her lips are lecherous and hungering to be kissed. He remembered the sweet kiss they shared. Paul cradled her in his arms and held her face in his hand. He leaned into her, and his lips touched hers. It transformed them into a moment of pleasure. A pleasure he had never experienced before. Lillie walked into the room and saw Paul kissing Jennifer. A young maiden that had captured the affection of her lover. He was in another place and did not want to return to reality. Lillie knew he had been daydreaming about kissing Jennifer. A dream she would not tolerate. Lillie served Paul his favorite meal. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, homemade biscuits, and peach cobbler. While eating, he was suddenly in pain with a headache. His head was throbbing with pain. He could feel his heartbeat in his temples. His eyes felt heavy. He had never experienced a headache so painfully. It was all he could do it hold his eyes open. Lillie sat and looked at the pain on his face with enjoyment. She knew the cruse was working. He had been thinking about Jennifer and was suddenly ill with a headache. Lillie offered to bring him a headache powder. He agreed to take the medicine. She walked into the kitchen and got the white powdery substance. It was in a small paper pouch. Paul took the medicine. The taste of the medicine was bitter. After taking the medicine, Paul felt lightheaded. The room was spinning. He became nauseated. Lillie took Paul by the hand and walked him into the bedroom. She gently unbuttoned his shirt. She removed it from his body and stroked his chest. Paul laid his head on the pillow. As he opened his eyes, the room was spinning. She unfastened his belt and removed his pants. Paul suddenly could not move. Lillie attempted to arouse him. She was unsuccessful, and he was suddenly in a deep state of sleep. Things did not end the way Lillie had planned. She had planned to have an intimate night with him. She wanted to make him forget about Jennifer. As the night slowly turned to morning, Lillie lay in the bed with him all night waiting for him to wake. When Paul awakened in her bed, she began gently running her finger through his hair. Then she kissed him on his neck and cheek. Paul showed no interest in her. She became angry because he was not perceptive of the sexual advances. Lillie knew she could never compete with the beauty of the young maiden. Lillie named her plantation Rose Garden Plantation for a reason. She called Jennifer on the telephone and stated, “Paul is my lover. Leave him alone or you will face the wrath of a scorn woman.” Jennifer responded by saying, “He loves me and doesn’t want you anymore.” Lillie realized that now this would require more spells to be cast. She would never just walkway and let another woman have her lover. Jennifer worked at the Art Gallery in the center of town. I knew the gallery for displaying and selling art by an aspiring artist. Lillie walked into the Gallery with a painting she wanted to be displayed. Her painting was a beautiful young maiden dressed in a flowing Red Evening Gown with ruby slippers. Everyone can see the painting on display at the gallery. The first time Jennifer looked at the painting, she saw the beauty of the young maiden. The painting became the Centerpiece of the Gallery by an anonymous artist. Only the owner knew where the painting came from. Lillie transformed her body to look like a beautiful young maiden. The transformation would only last for thirty minutes. She walked across the street to the coffee shop. The first man that walked in would be her next victim. An old man with gray hair in his seventies walked inside the coffee shop. Lille invited him to come and sit with her and enjoy a cup of the best coffee in town. It filled the shop with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The aroma captured the senses of anyone that enjoyed a cup of coffee. The aroma made the coffee irresistible. Everyone in the shop was drinking coffee. The old man, Steve, was delighted to have a cup of coffee with the beautiful young maiden. It had been years since his wife had passed away. He was hungering for a female companion. Someone to spend time with. Since his wife had passed, he was alone. He needed a companion. Someone to share his thoughts, dreams, and memories with. He had led a life full of adventure and now had no one to share it with. They sat and talked while drinking coffee. Suddenly twenty-five minutes pass. She left the money for the coffee and politely excused herself. Time was running short, and the transformation would end. She walked outside behind a tree and the transformation ended. She now looked like herself. Lillie walked back inside the coffee shop. Steve was still sitting at the table, enjoying his second cup of coffee. She sat at the table next to the one they were sitting at. She waited patiently for Steve to leave. Once he left, Lillie moved to the table they were sitting at. She took the cup Steve was drinking out of into her hand. She stroked the rim of the cup while chanting a spell. Then the cup placed back on the table. She then left the coffee shop and followed Steve. He entered the Art Gallery. When he came upon the painting of the beautiful young maiden, he gazed at the painting. The painting transformed him into a memory of his beautiful wife. Jennifer walked up to him to discuss the painting. When Steve looked upon her, it transferred all the love for his wife to her. As Jennifer looked upon the face of Steve, an uneasy feeling consumed her body. She knew he was looking at her with lust in his eyes. Steve asked Jennifer to have dinner with him later that night at the Emerald Palace. The Emerald Palace is the most exclusive club in town. To be a member of the club, they must invite you. Only the most prestigious people in the community are members of the club. He promised her a night of champagne, dinner, and dancing. It would be a black-tie affair. He would pick her up in his limo and take her to Boutique Arena to pick out the perfect dress for their night. Jennifer declined the dinner with Steve. Steve left the Gallery but was determined that one day she would be his wife. Jennifer turned and gazed into the painting of the beautiful maiden. While looking at the painting, the maiden began the cry. Tears were running down her face. Jennifer reached out and touched the painting. I wet the painting from the tears. The hours passed, and she was hesitating about looking at the painting again. On her way out of the Gallery she stopped and looked at the painting. The beautiful maiden had a smile on her face. A red rose was in her hand. Suddenly, Jennifer smelled the aroma of roses. The entire gallery smelled like roses. She then knew that the painting was not a normal painting. The painting had special powers.