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Fated To Two Billionaire Alphas

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multi-mateAlpha mateLove triangleone-night stand

"You can't escape from a mate bond ... trust me. I’ve tried." After a one-night stand with a billionaire Jordy, Emma was kicked out of the house and forced to be a poor homeless girl. To survive, she did the only thing she could and went to a place full of mystery. The perfect girl had no idea how silly she was when two alphas wanted her and claimed her. And the worst part was one of the alphas named Jordy, the man who took her virgin that night. Emma tried to hide the secrets, but it was hard to be buried, and fate always had a plan. Now, could Emma hide her identity a secret or would she be found out and punished for running from her Two Alphas? Which brother would she choose? The over-protective big brother Jordy, or the bad boy younger brother Austin? These hot and sexy brothers would have Emma begging for more. She would love them. She would hate them. But they only want to hide her away and marry them.

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