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My Boyfriends Possessive Stepbrother

Michelle AlleityOngoing
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Michelle Alleity
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betrayallove at first sightpossessiveschool/campuslove triangle

Kimberly Monoa finds herself stuck in an unfaithful relationship with her star Quarterback Boyfriend,Ronan,charming prince of Blackwool Academy,who constantly cheats on her. When she finds out,she immediately breaks up with him. He later uses his mother's depression after his parents divorce and father's remarriage to gain sympathy from Kimberly,whom he well knows adores his mom,he manages to convince her to reconcile. Ronan's life changes when Brandon,his new Stepbrother starts school at Blackwool and becomes the new center of attention due to his good looks and record of winning football championships,when the football team treat him as royalty and ask him to join them,Ronan's spite against his Stepbrother grows and he hides their relation. Bree,the snobbish cheerleading captain and Kimberly's enemy, immediately takes a liking to Brandon and stakes claim on him,but Brandon's interest is solely focused on Kimberly,his step brother's girlfriend. Kimberly hides her attraction to him from her best friend Samantha by opposing everything he does. When she gets invited to dinner at Ronan's home, she's left dumbfounded by the fact that Brandon is her boyfriend's new family. Brandon later sneaks up on Kimberly and touches her inappropriately from behind, pretending to be Ronan. When she finds out,it's already too late. The two later have a secret relationship,but when the truth unveils,it costs them more than they bargained for. Lies, kidnapping, obsessions,manipulation and betrayal threaten to consume them all as they fight tooth and nail to get whatever they want.

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