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A True Lifestory by the Alpha's Human Mate

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Bettina Shadowhunter
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The book is about the 24 year old Cathrine, who moves to a new town with her husband Adam. She lives a normal life unknown to the secrets and dangers lying right ahead of her. When Cathrine first time meets the intimidating and charismatic guy Chase Lupus, who is 32 years old, she yells at him, after he had honked at her in the middle of a traffic jam, but as she later meets him again to a job interview, and he turns out to be the boss and founder of the multi billonaire company Carnivora. The same place she had chosen to apply for a job, she feels embarrassed. But he doesn’t seem to mind at all. Cathrine feels a strange pull to Chase, that she can’t explain, but when she gets in to trouble after a night out with her best friend, everything in Cathrine’s life starts to escalate and crumble, as well as the truth about her attraction to Chase and his background is being revealed. Not sure if she if able to handle the knew information, Cathrine is forced to stay under Chase protection, as an incoming threat is lurking. Will she be able to accept fate or will she run as soon as she gets the chance? Only time can tell.

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