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Mated To My Human Best Friend

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KATE: One of the perks of being an Alpha's daughter is that I get to study in the human world. And there, I found my best friend, Kyle. We were inseparable, not even his bitchy girlfriends could come in between what we had, and what we shared. It was supposed to be like that forever. But then, I woke up to the reality that my best friend is my fated mate. Crazy, right? I know. And at that point, everything went downhill. Especially when Father vowed to never accept my best friend as my mate. KYLE: Kate has always been like a soulmate to me. I had my girls and had my parties, but she was one thing that I never messed with. I was down for her, always have been. Until someday, I realize there might be more to her than meets the eye. Scary, when I found out she was a werewolf. Thrilling, when I realized I was her mate. Soul-wrenching, when I was faced with the harsh truth that I needed to fight to keep her as my mate. I had to go against the universe, just to keep Kate by my side...

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