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Naomi and Mitchell

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betrayalfemale leadlove at first sightlove triangle

NAOMI 💮 & MITCHELL 🧿 'We were never meant to be 💔' 🔥A love that was a mistake from the start 🔥 ☠️Love, romance, betrayal and emotionally triggering ☠️ SYNOPSIS I LOVE HER I don't know what to do with myself,she was too perfect..I found no flaws about her I can't love her she is from a totally different world from me, I can't even afford to pay my bills how would I fall in love with my boss daughter My name is Mitchell Clay but people call me Mitch, I am an orphan and I don't even care about finding my parents but people said I was dumped at the front door of the orphanage by my parents because I was a mistake I have left all my life working to feed myself,I leave with some of my orphanage pal's and we work at a very expensive club as bartender and yes am handsome my parents might have made a mistake having me but they did not forget to bless me with the looks which every lady can't get enough first my friends adviced me to dupe women with my looks but I just couldn't My boss has a mysterious daughter whom I have never seen but only heard of ...she comes around sometimes but I have never seen her face before NAOMI was her name... only her name alone gives me chills "Am sorry I didn't tell you all this while...I know you won't want to be with me if you know who I was " " You lied to me the whole time, no wonder you never took a dime From me so now that you gave me the big news what should I do" " Still love me the same way" " I can''s too much for me to handle"

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