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Dark Desires: Submitting To My Brother

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Samantha is convinced that her brother Killian is the best thing that could ever happen to her. He protects her from her abusive father, keeps the pushy boys in her class at bay, and otherwise does whatever it takes to protect her from the crime swamp they were both born into. But slowly he changes, becomes more possessive and the looks he gives her are no longer those of a worried older brother. But although Killian slowly seems to lose himself in the abyss of crime and Sam should actually be afraid of him because of his increasingly intrusive manner, the bond that connects them only seems to become stronger. So strong that it threatens to turn into something sinful that Sam doesn't actually want. But how could she refuse Killian, he was all she had and he wanted to own her in every possible way. **** "I'm a pervert, Sam. It turns me on incredibly to know that you are my sister. That I can have you whenever I want. Any way I want," he murmured and his cock inside her actually hardened again and Sam briefly wondered if that made her a pervert too - and if such a thing even existed: perversity. R18-Contains mature and sensitive scenes. Readers' discretion is advised.

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