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The Supreme Alpha's Possession

Mystic Spells07Ongoing
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Mystic Spells07
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BDSMenemies to loverspossessiveweak to strongwerewolfomega girlAlpha mateone-night stand

It all started with her spilling a drink on him... But then escalated to her being given to him as a means to put an end to an inter-pack war. Nova Wolfe, a brave but insignificant Omega from the Crescent pack gets entangled with the Supreme Alpha Damien Venus, leader of the Sun Peak pack when he declares her as his mate. She remains confused as she didn't feel any mate bond between the both of them but he went as far as taking her in and away from her pack to keep her close to him because as he claimed, the mate bond was too strong for him to let her go. He acts way too possessive and restricts her, which is the last thing Nova wants and doesn't understand as she feels nothing. He tries to learn to love her gently and not impose anything on her but it turns out to be a great battle between him and his inner wolf. Nova finds out the reason why the mate bond is not working on her and sets to undo it. Will she succeed in her quest, will Damien learn to love her with or without the mate bond?

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