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Queen Of Werewolf: I am Back To Find My True Love

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When Caroline Richter was pensive thinking about Bianca's health, it wasn't long before Octopus the big black werewolf came to visit her. "Caroline, why you look so sad" ask Octopus to Caroline. "Bianca my granddaughter hasn't gone down until now." "Then there is no need to worry, only my blood can heal your granddaughter " "But Octopus , however, at some point there is a risk right!" "Just come with me Caroline". Arriving at the Octopus residence, Caroline immediately followed Octopus who was still in the form of a large werewolf, suddenly Octopus turned himself into a human. "Caroline... come closer to me, you don't need to worry, now you immediately give this blood, because only my blood can heal your granddaughter". "Then what's the risk Octopus?" Caroline asked Octopus "More precisely, this is not a risk, but your granddaughter is the chosen child who will be destined to become the leader of the wolves, this has become her destiny". "But it will definitely put her life in danger one day?" "No Caroline, you don't need to worry, in fact Bianca will become a werewolf who is much stronger than me later, because your granddaughter has a pure heart". After Caroline received Octopus's blood she immediately give the Octopus blood for Bianca, After Octopus' blood flowed into Bianca's bloodstream, one hour finally Bianca recovered and healthy as usual. curious about the next story, don't forget to read each the chapter. Author Pen Name: Zovanka_Aluzka Auhor Real Name : Febyola. Manoppo

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