Owen Louise Burke: Carrying the baby of Stranger  By Rosenbloom1995 | Libri

Owen Louise Burke: Carrying the baby of Stranger

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Let's hide her identity, her name is Marriel. She's 20 years old, make up artist of Funeral Home in Santa Cristina. Her mind is not ordinary unlike the other woman, she loves adventure and creepy things. She's looks dumb but intelligent for the people who know her. She had a boyfriend when she was 18 but sad to say, her ex boyfriend take advantage her weakness. She's helpless, hopeless, and nobody cares for her. One car accident happened in Santa Cristina and Owen Burke is the man who's inside the car. He's rich man, there's a lot of charity home and school, there's a lot of clubhouse and hotel, and the only one son of Burke family. One moment happened inside the funeral homes, that makes everyone hilarious. But someday, so on will change someone else life. That night Owen Burke inside the Funeral Home, and Marriel the one who will took care of him. That moment, Marriel looking at Owen face. He's handsome, then Marriel look down to his chest, then to the private part. Marriel was shocked and cover her face. "Unbelievable!" She muttered, her body feel shivers, hot, and wet the under part. "I can't stop myself!" She muttered.

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