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Alpha Rasmus

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Kathleen Hayat
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BDSMBXGgentle and slowseduction

"That kiss, I didn't regret it one bit," he rasped, voice thick and gravelly. "And I don't f*cking hate you dammit!" He growls out, pounding his fist against the bark. She sucks in a gasp feeling a light rumble against her back. He didn't want her to think rubbish and heck he won't let her think he regretted that kiss. He f*cking loved it and wants more which he shouldn't. His eyes dropped down to her plump lips before meeting hers. Their gaze locked and she couldn't pull her eyes away even if she tried; she was locked in, captivated, and the prisoner at his mercy. "Kiss me," she whispered. Rasmus sucked in a sharp breath gritting his teeth. "You don't want this." "What if I do?" Those big brown eyes sparkled. Fuck. "I could burn you," he rasped. His own body leaning in on her, enchanted and in a trance. Her scent was all he could inhale. "Then turn me to ashes," she whispered ever so softly. His control snapped and his mouth descended, claiming hers. He felt his whole f*cking world rocks off its axis.

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