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Exclusive Slave for Alpha Lorenzo

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BDSMenemies to loversrevengesecond chanceSentinal/guidewerewolfwitch/wizardslaveAlpha mate

"Kill me" Eva screamed in pain at the loss of her parents. Tears stained her face and she was looking miserable. Eva was the last heir of the moon pack and the mystery related to her birth. She hid in a safe place with her parents because her moon pack was at war with the bloodlust pack and she needed to be kept safe at all costs. " I couldn't kill you because you are my slave" Alpha Lorenzo whispered into her ear. She shivered under his touch. She wanted to deny him but her sexual needs attracted her to Lorenzo. Lorenzo of the bloodlust meant to kill the last female heir of the moon pack because there was a prophecy that said that the last heir of the moon pack would bring destruction to the bloodlust pack. but he found that Eva was none other than his mate. He couldn't accept her, so he made her his slave. Will pure and innocent Eva be able to handle her mate's cruel sexual ways? Will she be able to find out the reason for her birth?

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