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The Four Legendary Alkaldrias

Armoniel MelixarOngoing
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Armoniel Melixar
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There were two goddesses who granted man the ability to do magic and to maintain peace and order Four Legendary heroes were created. A mage, an assassin, a warrior who wields a sword and a warrior who wields a shield. Years of peace prevailed, but then one of the goddesses became evil. She created monsters to torment humans, but then the legendary heroes stopped her and as years go on she continues becoming stronger and finally the gates won’t be able to hold her. Each month a strong monster is sent to terrorize the humans and the more terror it spreads the greater chance she stands to break free. During this time nothing can grow to the next level till the monster is defeated and nothing will go back to normal till the monster is defeated and what if they fail to defeat a monster in any of the months? The four heroes where reborn but the shield hero was no way to be found. A hero is supposed to be reborn already wielding the weapon, but that was a different case for the shield hero. He finds himself being sold as a slave with other slave with no past memories and after some encounters he becomes the shield hero, but all this happens four months after the other heroes were reborn. Rumors say that he was in hiding for the four months, but what really happened? Was he reborn? Or was he chosen from being a slave? And why doesn’t he have his past memories? And if that’s not enough, more bizarre things continue happening in his life. How will he become strong and catch up to the other heroes? Only if he got something that could make him stronger. But finally …………… he found ………………… FINALLY AM STRONG.

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