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Billionaires Perfect Lover

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BillionaireCEOFirst lovelove at first sightsecond chance

Naya and Declan had been in a relationship for one year when he proposed to her. She was the happiest woman when she received an engagement ring from the man she loved. But all the happiness in her heart suddenly disappeared when Declan disappeared, too. He’s nowhere to be found. When she returned home to New York from Spain, she was not only brokenhearted but also carrying a big problem. Where will she find a man to introduce to her parents as a boyfriend? And then she met Dream Aguilar. Even though the man is not her type... she still offered Dream to pretend to be her boyfriend to introduce to her parents. But things went differently between the two of them as the days passed since they were together. She fell in love with him. Big time. Maybe this is the purpose why she gets hurt by his first love. They would love each other. He’s the perfect man, perfect lover, perfect partner. But one day, she discovered a secret about Dream. For the second time, she was hurt again. Is she willing to forgive him and continue to love him? Or will she leave him forever and just let the wound in her heart heal over time?

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