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Werewolf husband spoiled me addicted

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First lovegoodgirlsisterswerewolfwife/husband/family

Dove lived her entire life in darkness and eventually died at the hands of her malevolent half-sister Maria. After being reborn, she vows to change the tragic fate of her previous life. However, in this life, things didn't go well as she hope for either. She was targeted by alpha on the first day of her second chance life, after which she became a tool for him to vent his lustful needs. Not only that, but she must always be on guard to prevent being assassinated by Maria. Her life was even worse than her previous one. Fortunately she later regained her chance to turn over a new leaf, and she gave birth to two cute babies. This is the perfect time for Dove to get her revenge. She lures Maria's family into her trap in an extremely clever way, draining them of their worth little by little, just as they did to her in her previous life. In the process, Dove also meets a mystery man. Until one day, suddenly someone broke the news that the mystery man is exactly the traitor who betrayed the former alpha king back then, and now the whole pack is targeting Dove, and she is facing life and death again ......

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