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The Life and Exploits of Princess Amodini

C PhillipOngoing
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C Phillip
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enemies to loversfemale leadprince/princessroyal/noble

A fugitive princess in an enemy kingdom. 18-year-old Satya is the best female medical student at Satvikshila University in the kingdom of Satayu. Her dream is to become a doctor and spend her life treating patients. Unknown to all, she secretly uses healing magic to administer miraculous cures. Born with the gift, her powers are also the sole proof of her true identity - Princess Amodini, the last remaining survivor of the royal family of the fallen kingdom of Amritambu. A chance encounter brings her face-to-face with Veerata, the great general of Satayu who conquered Amritambu. Seeing him suffer from an old battle wound, she heals him using her powers in the hopes that he will save Satvikshila from the clutches of a corrupt feudal lord. Failing to recognise the princess, missing for the last three years, Veerata is attracted to the beautiful and intelligent young maiden who saves his life. Determined to guard her secret, Satya and her two trusted companions, Madhav and Sulochana, intend to leave Satvikshila and find refuge elsewhere. But their plans are thwarted when Veerata seeks her aid in treating a dancer from the kingdom of Videha, who is slowly being poisoned to death. Will Satya be able to save the poisoned dancer while still keeping her powers and her identity a secret from her sworn enemy?

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