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Hate Me if you can: Little Miss CEO

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• Kylie Ross the beautiful twenty-eight years old billionaire who was abandoned by her fiancee for her twin sister and who her family disowned after the incident that occurred that night after which she strived to become rich and never believe in love ever again. • Nathan Smith is a charming young man, who happens to be the CEO of the world's richest company and the biggest mafia boss in the Netherworld, he is dangerous and highly feared across the whole of Asia. •What happens when fate has other plans for them?? EXCERPT " I love you " Kylie cried as she stared at him with tears rolling out of her Blue eyes. '" I know at first I rejected your love and all but am sincere now I love you," She said holding his face as he looked at her in astonishment " You don't believe me ...? She asked shocked. He pinned her against the car and kissed her intensely and aggressively, moving from her lips he nimble her neck. As if hearing the profess of love between lovers' hearts the sky erupts and the rain drops on the earth angrily. " Let's leave the rain ...or you'd fall sick ..." Nathan muttered pushing her into the car and getting in too.

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