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Entangled with the Duke of Darkness

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betrayalone-night standroyal/noble

NOTE: Every venue and character in this book is fictional. "Madam Lucinda, why do you look so scared". "My child that was the duke of darkness". She said shaking. "So he was a noble". She said excitingly. "Yes one that you shouldn't look at, talk to or let alone mess with". "What are you saying?, Look your shaking". She said as she held madam Lucinda. " You are to never have anything to do with him... please". Madam Lucinda said with pleading eyes. " I am to wed soon, I couldn't possibly". _____ Emily Garheé is just the daughter of a lowly noble who was soon to wed the viscount I Souveth. Things become tricky when she finds herself in a scandal with a man not to be messed with. The Duke of Darkness, Elijah.

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