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Midnight Sky, Book Three of the Black Alder Series

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female leadvampireweak to strongwerewolfwitch/wizardmulti-mate

Arabella Blue Taken in as a child by the Alpha King of North Carolina, only to be lowered to omega status and abused by the possessive Alpha who looks to claim her for himself when she is of age. She accompanies the North Carolina Alpha king to a Summit on South Carolina territory, where her choices lead her to cross paths between the brothers three only to find out she is their one and only mate. Journey through the steamy yet thrilling final installment of The Black Alder Series as we dive into the mystery surrounding Arabella Blue's past, the difficulty of her present, and the uncertainty of her future as she entangles with the brothers three. The alpha king is not the only one who has his sights on her. Will they choose to save her, or will she be forced to save herself from all the evils that are seeking her for their own. Join the Black Alder Packhouse on Facebook to keep yourself updated on the latest with my books Don't forget to check out the first Installment of the Black Alder Series titled Luna Rising, and the second installment of the Black Alder Series titled Broken Chains Also check out my newest series called Possession, Book 1 of the Accalia Series

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