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Sophie's Love A love not meant to be

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Vikas Omprakash Bhakri
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Vic finds himself at the spot,the rendezvous,where his lady love Sophie had broken his heart. The words were straight,simple, and unemotional."I want to call it off, " she had said abruptly. The action was sudden and unexpected. A few moments of laughter,tease,holding hands and then this. Much as he pleaded with her,Sophie refused to see the entire illogic behind it. She wanted him to let go of their love. Vic tried to woo her back with all he could.He waited years for her to come back to him.But her heart refused to buckle.The more he tried,the more she rebuked him,humiliated him, lacerated him,until finally his heart bled to near death.To ease off his pain, Vic gave in to the tricks of his mind. Imagining her to be with him at every moment, Vic was trapped into the vicious loop of a relentlessly punishing mind. A game that gave him intense pain yet offered him the pleasure of her company. 46 years later,hounded by the game of her never ending thoughts, relying on medication to soothe his mind and nerves, desperate to end the torture,Vic revisits his entire past with Sophie at exactly the spot where she had carelessly betrayed his true love for her. What did he go through in all those years? A few months of joyful love that gave him decades of anguish--- for a love that was not meant to be..

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