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The Billionaire Crazy househelp

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Authoress Ti Fe
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BillionaireCEOenemies to lovers

After graduating college with poor grades, Kimberly has low or zero chances of securing a job. Her mother sees her as a disgrace to the family, and wants her to marry a rich man she doesn’t like. Kimberly, being an egocentric woman, tells herself that she isn’t going to marry him because of money. Instead, she will work hard for her money. After the news of her father’s illness. Kimberly still wouldn’t marry this man her mother proposed, instead she accepts a job opportunity she never saw herself doing. She becomes a househelp in the house of an arrogant, rude yet handsome Billionaire CEO. Kimberly refuses to reduce her ego for this arrogant billionaire, and this billionaire is ready to break her wings and make her subject to him. “I am your boss, and you are my maid! You will do exactly what I ask you to do!” He always said until one day, she saves him from dying. P.S: There could be a few grammatical errors, I’m very sorry about that. Enjoy your reading! Xoxo!

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