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Marriage Contract with Ruthless CEO

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Have you ever signed any agreement... That you did not understand? At an early age Zafia Arcus was given the company of her mother to prove that there was no one loser in the Arcus family. Everyone looks up to Zafia and almost no one rejects her. But then came a night that would completely change her life. Because of the sudden circumstances, there was an accident and the only thing that would save her was to sign a contract that she had not even read. Fearing that someone might find out about the crime she had committed, she accepted an offer from a man who would save her. But too late, after Zafia signed the papers it was only there that she read what was only stated there that changed her life. "Do hereby solemnly swear to faithfully love my partner to the best of my capacity... All these I pledge and promise to do, without any purpose of evasion." Deal or Decline?

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