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Mr Cade

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Two strangers. A delayed flight. A hot one-night stand. It sounds simple enough. I am leaving Scotland for a fresh start, moving to LA to escape the drama and heartache. What better way to start my new life than to do something I have never done. A one-night stand with a hot American man I only just met. No drama, no commitment, only passion and a great way to release stress. What more can a woman ask for? It isn't like we will ever meet again; the second we step off the plane in LA, we go our separate ways with only the memories of our night together. Uncomplicated, right? Life isn't ever that simple, not my life, anyway. The last place I expected to see the man who gave me the best night of my life was behind a desk at my new job, as my boss! It is like my worst nightmare coming true. I should have known something like this would happen. It is just my luck. I can't go there again, no matter how sexy and tempting Logan is! I need to stay professional. We need to remain professional, but Logan has other ideas. He is a man who gets what he wants, and he wants me. I think I may be in trouble in more ways than one, including my heart.

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