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Carrying the mafia king's child

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What happens when the most dangerous and feared mafia, not just in the city but in the whole country had to search the whole country just to find one girl. The first time they met, they had a one night stand and asher wanted to do anything, anything at all to make his one-night stand last forever The second time they met, Julia who was the woman he had a one night stand with was being sold as a s*x slave in one of his clubs. Buying her was never his intentions, forcing her to live with him wasn't what he expected himself to do. But she had sparked something inside of him. * "Please, let me go!"Julia begged as tears rolled down her eyes, her knees were hurting from kneeling on the cold floor for more than three hours. Asher only smirked and placed his hand on her cheeks, caressing it softly. "Unfortunately my darling, this devil has the nasty habit of not letting go"

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