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Our Twisted Love Story

Crimson RoseOngoing
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Crimson Rose
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"Who is she?" Allen inquired, pointing to a woman in a picture frame on the wall. Eleanor drew her brows together and stared at him, befuddled by his query. "That's me, smiling," she said, squinting her eyes and forming a face identical to the one in the image. "She's not you. Her face is radiant, with a genuine smile. What pain are you concealing behind your phoney smile?" Tears welled up in her eyes when she heard those words. Memories flashed before her eyes, transporting her back to a period she never wanted to revisit. ****** The story revolves around a CEO who develops feelings for an attractive woman who works for him. Intrigued by her personality, he teased and mocked her for fun, but in the end fell for her innocence, unknowingly. When he acknowledged his growing feelings, he ignored her, aware of her past love life. What happened when he confessed his affections for her? Did she say yes to him? Put the book in your library to learn more, and get ready for a long, romantic ride. Please remember to like and comment.

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