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Becoming Mrs Blackstone

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"With all the heat coming from his eyes, I'm surprised the garage does not catch fire. I take long gulps of cold night air when we finally reach the exits. For a moment there, Mr. Dark and Dangerous looked like he wanted to swallow me whole…" ********** Strong, powerful, filthy rich and driven are qualities that do not even begin to describe Luca Blackstone, Capo of the American crime syndicate. After suffering unimaginable torture in the hands of Romanov Anton, the then Bratva Enforcer during his time in prison, he has just one agenda. Eliminate the man that destroyed his life and killed off his parents then wipe out every trace of family he has left. Skylar Romanov is at the top of his kill-list. The twenty year old daughter of a Russian monster is fast becoming the object of a very dark obsession–his obsession. He vows to own her completely, body soul and mind. He plans to break her resolve and he wants her total surrender. The little Russian minx proves to be his most difficult conquest. But what belongs to Blackstone will always belong to Blackstone and she belongs to him. She's mine. Checkmate, baby. Skylar Romanov has been sheltered and protected for all her life. Her entire life comes crashing down and she is forced to live with the one man responsible for the possible death of her father. He wishes to have her surrender but she vows to fight him every step of the way. She vows to make herself immune to the dark, alluring power that practically oozes from Luca Blackstone. Becoming Mrs. Blackstone spins a spellbinding tale of lies, deceit, secrets and most importantly, passion – very illicit passion. When two arrogant souls collide, sparks are sure to fly. Will she finally give in to Mr. Dark and deadly?

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