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Rogue To Luna

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      "Fuck!' He moaned, when I hugged him in his bed, sniffing his scent, moaning and perceiving his Gardenia and citrus scent, I felt so good and didn't want to be apart from him, my body was on fire.     "Are you in heat?" He held my cheeks, lust could be seen in his eyes as he sighed.     "Yes, I'm in heat and I want you so much." He got up a little bit as he carried me with my legs quickly wrapped around his waist. I got carried away and released my pheromones on him and his red eyes glowed and began panting and ruffled his hair.     I didn't care, I wanted him, I wanted to feel good with my love, my mate.    "Was that why you had to come to my bed and seduce me." He said seductively and cupped my breast. "Are you sure you want me? Once I begin, I won't stop." He softly warned.     "Try me.' I dared and he kissed me lavishly on the lips. ******   Ashina is the Alpha's daughter, the leader of the Dark Moon Pack, an Omega. At the age of seven she was falsely accused of killing her parents by her uncle, mocked and put into prison for a crime she did not commit. She was brought out of prison, banished by the pack and sold into slavery, when she was abused, tortured and suffered, mistreated by the Alphas and the higher ups, because she was a slave and wanted to survive.     When she came across her mate, from the Blood Moon pack, the son of the King Alpha, an arrogant man who belittled her existence on earth, what happened?    What happened when she came across her second mate and war broke out between them and what also happens when Ashina got pregnant by one of her mates, how will the other one react?    What will be her choice?

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