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His Private Stripper

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BillionaireCEOfriends to loversgoodgirllove at first sight

She twirled around the pole, raising her legs at intervals giving the audience a better view of her V*gina. Even when it's covered with her panties. people cheered at the sight before them. Their eyes gazing lustfully at the pretty damsel. Some even tried to get on the stage just to grab a hold of those sexy thighs on display. Never had they seen such beauty and curves. She bent tracing her tongue on the pole until the very last. Her b**bs coming into clear view. They stared at the b**bs which threatened to fall out of it's holes. She stood and jumped on the pole, wrapping her legs around it. The men screamed loudly as they got a better view of her backside. So fresh and round. If minds could be read, I'm sure the thoughts of grabbing, squeezing and spanking of her butts would be in the minds of these lustful men. She dropped from the pole, then backed it. With her two hands holding the pole, she began to go down, spreading her legs, wider and wider. With her left hand still holding the pool, she traced her right hand down her face seductively. She pushed her index finger into her lips, sucking it while moving her hips back and forth. The men screamed loudly as they watched the damsel make them go hard with seductive moves. Meanwhile, only one man noticed the tears falling from her eyes. The unending tear drop, left him in deep thought. He was captivated by her beauty and wanted her only to himself. To be his private stripper. But seeing the tears made him want her more. He needs her. Her body isn't for the lustful eyes of these old fools. Her body's meant for him and him alone.

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