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Because, It's You

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Billionairefemale leadFirst lovefriends to loverssingle daddy/mom

The life of a man, Can be molded The purpose of a man, Can be shaped The only difference is, The decisions, we make. ~Oluwatoyosi When you grow up in a society where women are not valued or respected, you have to learn to make important decisions that will affect your life forever. Oluwadarasimi is a young lady who just wanted to survive. Ever since she was born, her whole life has been shaped into the way the society wanted it to be. Her family offered no encouragement, her society offered no help. Bothered by the gruesome things, she had seen, heard and experienced, and stuck alone and in the pain and sufferings that a young woman should never encounter, she takes a decision that changes her life. Years later and she still doesn’t even know if she had grown into who she was supposed to be, yet she finds herself falling for a man who just confuses her to no end and shakes the balance of her life. He never had it rough in life but made up his mind to not dwell on his family’s fortune but to build himself up. Studying hard and taking risks made him who he is today. Adeyemi is a millionaire who didn’t have to use the influence of his family to be the man he is. Showing many people, that following your purpose can lead you to a whole new dimension that takes you on a whole journey of both good and bad. Now, imagine seeing a woman who is the least interested in him and seems to carry around a dark cloud, Adeyemi decides to follow his purpose and get closer to this woman who does nothing but intrigue him. Will he be able to break down her perfectly molded walls? The both of them go on a journey to build up their lives, encourage themselves and heal from everything that they had gone through. But even the past, never liked staying where it is…

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