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ALEXANDER DAVIS.......... a popular singer in Las Vegas. Member of KAM boys a popular music band. He have everything he wants, ladies, look and money. He's life was perfectly fine until one day an anonymous rumour was spread that he is a gay. The world is going to think like that since he has never been seen with a lady. One thing he despises is love and ladies. He believes ladies should be dumb and replace as soon as possible. Ladies love him but he hate them. One thing which makes him hate lady was when he caught his girlfriend cheating on him with his cousin which cause him heartbroken and making him despises ladies a lot. After surviving a ghastly accident he was assigned a personal nurse who looked after him. stacey Jones, A very beautiful 23 years old nurse. she grows up in an orphanage after losing her parent in a fire explosion. Her life was perfect until she was assigned as the personal nurse of Alex who she hate. The duo swear to make live unbearable and living hell for each other which they did.

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