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Where Did The Moon Girl Go?

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I am a moon girl, there is something that keeps me up all night and wakes me up every sunrise. His arms feels like home, his scent that always makes me realize that our breakfast is ready. The way he thrust deeper and slower, that feeling of being take care of..... I am no good at everything, I can see on his eyes that he is regretting every thrust. The madness, obsession over little rare things? I admit that I don't want to leave him. I liked him more when he's gasping for my whimper. He is imprinted on my mind. It feels good! his manhood is so huge... I catch his lips smiling against my breasts. As soon as I sniffed his neck.....I can't feel Sasha's presence but someone else licking and putting saliva on my nipples. I didn't open my eyes instead I moved my arms however I can't barely feel my own. My body is shaking as I catch myself squirting. It feels so good and I can't deny it!

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