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The Loop of the Fairy Queen

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She was in despair when she was accused of theft and treason against her own kingdom, Queen Cassiopeia was declared as guilty of the accusation so as a punishment she will be hanged on the sacred forest in the midst of the crowd. She closed her eyes and uttered some words hoping that she could be with her father and mother but she was saved by her childhood friend Marcus, a dwarf craftsman. Marcus planned that day because he cannot accept that his beloved queen will be executed because of false accusation. After that escape, they lived together in his house in the middle of the forest. Two years have passed, Marcus confessed his love to her but for Cassiopeia he was just a special friend who always saved her in trouble. In the two years that they are together, Marcus respects her and loves her whole heartedly and accepts her answer. He always reminded her to avoid fairies that she may see outside for her own safety but unfortunately someone knew that she was alive and the Queen Lilac pursued her and declared as a rebel. The royal soldier looked for her where Casmir saw her; the good thing Marcus realized it before he went to the city. He went back to the house and they tried to escape from the royal guards but unfortunately he was killed and Cassiopeia escaped because a magical box that has a magic to go in different loops of time, it can be in the past era, in the present era or in the future era. Before Marcus died, Cassiopeia confessed her love to him and promised that they will meet each other at any cost. The first loop of time is in the time of monarchy, Queen Cassiopeia was Princess Bridgette and Marcus was Mark, a simple royal craftsman. When Cassiopeia woke up as Princess Bridgette, she was very sad and anxious because the first time she saw Mark she thought that he was Marcus but he wasn’t. In the eyes of her maid servants she was kinda a weird princess since that day. She used to wake up so late and she needs to assist every morning because the Queen was very impatient on that attitude of her. She patiently wait for Marcus to be there at the same loop but it almost a month when Marcus didn’t show her. She was still hoping that he will be with her again until the time; Mark called her Cass, the name that only Marcus called her. She was very happy about that so they always with each other but after the happiness there will be always despair. Her pursuer unimaginably found her in the loop, to make her safe Marcus gave his life again to open the portal and for her to escaped death. They went to different loops, loops that made them in different persons but they still have each other. Cassiopeia made so much despair when she knew that Marcus was killed in every loop without knowing who is the murdered, who is the one that wanted to kill her. She was depressed on their situation that made her a decision that she rather to be killed than she will see Marcus killed many times but Marcus didn’t agree on it. He gave her life to a dark fairy for the sake of her life and the only sacrificial thing that the loop will accept is his blood. After the tenth loop, she realized to find who her pursuer was and what she has done to him wrong to have the intention to kill her. When found out who was her pursuer, she felt so much disappointment because the one who wanted to kill her was not Lilac but Lilac’s mother who became her foster mother when her mother queen killed. She begged her to let them alone to live on another loop of time but Lilac’s mother, Camillia, didn't agree to it. She accepts her death for the last time without going to another loop because she can’t accept more pain when Marcus will die for her. When the kingdom knew about it, for the second time they mourned for her and Marcus can’t bear the sadness he felt so after three days he committed suicide beside her grave.

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