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Portal To Enchanted University

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betrayalfriends to loverskillerschool/campuswerewolf

Sheena Kimomota is well-known in their ordinary university because of her beauty and talent, apart from Sheena's beauty, she is also strategic. Because Sheena is almost perfect, many envy her. Until Sheena's birthday came, the day that had made a lot of noise in her mind. Sheena's eighteenth birthday was suddenly turned into disaster when she saw the five young man inside of her mom bedroom, she thought it was a thief so she yelled and when she yelled the five young man that is dressed with a brown big hoodie and their faces are covered with black fabric, hold her tightly, Sheena defend it and as she defended herself against them her eyes widened when she saw something coming out from her palm that is look like an smoke of an ice. “I-I have p-power? I-Is this true?...” Enchanted University, is the university where every student has his or her unique abilities and powers. Where they will study their power to fulfill the mission: restore light to the ocean. Where magicians, and strange creatures like giants live. Let's enter the portal to Enchanted University.

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